Women’s Plus Size Clothing

June 7, 2011

I love fashion we all knew that. That’s  I’d often blogged something about that has related into it. Right? and its given that I use to love clothes and outfits as well because fashion is apparel. But I have this thinking, what if sooner I’ll become a big mum? Yeah! its run on the family that every time we were got married and got a kids then we girls are becoming so big like what did you see on the photo on top. My concern was, do I still look fashionable by then on as Ive got this bulky body soon? and do the plus size jeans rather plus size denim jeans suits on me perfectly that I wasn’t imagine that I can wear off. I dunno, but I’ll see to it on that time I’ll be more fashionable, though I was a big mum if ever.

Actually I was a fan of Mustang jeans and I am pretty sure that I’ll be look more beautiful  as I wear this off soon as I become a big hot mum.LOL So if I were you and got this BIG problem in you. I mean your big body, no worries you can still look beautiful by finding some good quality of Women’s Plus Size Clothing online. And I refer you to take a look on this online store namely wherein a lot of big sizes of clothes are in there that I pretty sure that you can be “IN” on trend.

Fashionable Nursing Scrubs Ever!

June 1, 2011

Medical scrubs are the usual uniform of those great nurses. And I knew that most nurses are indeed fashionable as well, right? that’s why they needed to have these great nurses fashionable scrubs as well. Usually the problem was, where do they can get this fashionable scrubs that all nurses aiming to have for? Actually a lot of brands and stores are selling these scrubs but mostly they do have these same designs that fashionable nurses might cant find chic to them as they wear it.

Okay, let me suggest you folks. Had you ever try to buy scrubs online ? Nope? I think you should becuase online is a place wherein a lot of things are can be buy without limit than usual products you may have on your local market and so. Try it folks, Me, personally I’d often shop online becuase like what Ive said on online a lot of companies are gathering to sell their unique and awesome products like what they did on the nurses scrubs. By the way you can heads up to for the list of quirky and fashionable scrubs that I was telling you and you can buy your thing as well on the site.

POTENTIAL Dress of Lady GaGa

May 25, 2011

On my recent posts you may notice with that I did blogged about hello kitty and the fashion godness not other than Lady gaga, now I was amused to found one photo on the web that might GaGa will wear an hello kitty dolls as her gown’s out in any events that she suit to wear this. LOL Definitely that’s not GaGa on the photo, there was someone who’s thought the same thing on mine who’d made this photo that hello kitty can be use rather an potential gown of  Lady GaGa soon, will never know she might consider this soon. ^_^

Hello Kitty Wedding Gowns

May 25, 2011

I love some cuteness things nowadays that’s why I’ll be now blogging about the mother of all CUTE things  which is the Hello kitty, Yeah I know right? when people rather child said the word cute Ms. Hello kitty is the one we’re all pointed out because  yeah I must say the doll is indeed cute anyway.

We all know that hello kitty was originated on Japan and people there are quite resemblance on Hello kitty, What the?? Yeah I found people of the country like that because all of them rather most of them are use to wear some cute stuff that they may call Kawaii which means Cute on the English language.

I don’t know if I was late then by blogging this one but yet still I wanted to blog this though, which the wedding gowns of Hello kitty. What? hello kitty is getting married? To whom? who’s the lucky guy though? LOL Alright I think some people had wore these gowns on their actual weddings because of the kawaii touch of the gowns it self. Now I was looking forward to wear at least one of these gown out for my pictorial. LOL Hopefully there was an replica of these gowns here where do I residing.

Lady GAGA Fashion

May 20, 2011

David and Victoria Beckham Arrive at the Royal Wedding

May 9, 2011

Recently we’ve been witnessed the most awaited wedding of the century which is the The Royal wedding of Prince Williams and now the new Princess Kate. On the said event, fashion enthusiast eye are more focus on those invited friends, celebrities and highend political people on what they’re wearing on the wedding and I think the most noticeable couple of that day was the beckham couple because they both arrived so glamorous with their back suits and black dress.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress was Compared onto other Princess Grace Kelly

May 2, 2011

Recently we’ve been all seen  the royal wedding of the century that most media was talk about around the Globe. Even here when I residing a lot of detailed news  was broadcast so often when the newlywed are about to take their vows on. But on the fashion enthusiasms, one thing that they’re really looking forward too. And even me of course which what Kate will wear as her wedding dress that day who made by the famous designer  Alexander McQueen. I must say, the design was incredible awesome and gorgeous. But on the other people who had been experienced on the fashion world, they did say that the made wedding dress was indeed resembled by the wedding dress of Grace Kelly who’s a commoner turns into a princess as well way back time.

On the top photo, you may see Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton wearing their own wedding dress on. Its up to you on how do you find each other wedding dress if they do have resemblance or what.

My Lovely Sister

April 19, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

First, sorry with the 2 photo that I wasn’t be able to rotate because I did having a hard time to do it though due with some changes happened on our lap top. Anyways, here’s the photos that I was personally taken when we got on the one friend party. My sister is wearing a gray dress from Kamesita and has a Bvlgari watch for her accessories and Celine wedge for her footwear, So simple but yet elegant? what do you think? I hope she do.LOL Alright then, that’s it for now and soon I will have some photo shoot and I hope I can posted out my own photos here wearing my stuff on. check out on that!


April 11, 2011

H&M has chosen these celebrities as Selma Blair, Penn Badgley, Keri Hilson, Sky Ferreira, Akon, Nikki Reed, Ginnifer Goodwin, Scissor Sisters, Shiloh Fernandez for this aids campaign that all of the 25% of the sales will go proceed on the charity. Will update more information soon.

Acid Wash Jeans

April 8, 2011

2011 is the acid wash jeans, Yeah it is, becuase a lot of people are wearing this nowadays, That’s why I am seeking such great one for me though. I think this kind of jeans will perfectly suits on me becuase I’m just a skinny gal that has Popsicle thighs. Okay, will posted some photos as soon I got this jean. That’s it for now and have a great weekend everyone.

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