April 12, 2011

Why do all things bad happen at the same time? I have been waiting for weeks for my income tax money but I’m in a financial bind with medical bills and my husband needs work done on his truck. This all seems makes my life seem horrible. I had no idea what we where going to do. We have both been working as much overtime as humanly possible. Today I was online searching for ways to possible get a loan and came across a payday loan site I was skeptical about the idea of a payday loan but had nowhere else to turn after the bank told me the loan process could take 2-3 weeks.

I applied for a loan with yesterday thinking I wouldn’t get approved but within about 15 minutes I received an email saying I was approved for $600. That was the best news I had heard all week. I was shock at how simple it was to receive the loan and I didn’t have to have any collateral. The application process was very simple and only took me about 10 minutes. They only asked for basic personal information and bank info so they could deposit the cash into my bank account. The cash was in my bank account this morning and I have been able to pay the doctor bill and have the extra money to have my husbands truck repaired. As soon as we receive our tax money we can pay off the payday loan or can extend the loan and pay it off slower.

The payday loan was the best thing I have come across on the internet in a long time. The site I went to was very helpful and even had a phone number I could call for more information. Their customer service team even said they would give me a courtesy call before my payment was due so I could make a payment request. They were very helpful and cared about my financial situation. I know if I am every in a tough financial bind again I will definitely turn to to help. This was the best customer service and advance I have had from any lender in a long time.

They also offer many incentive programs to help me make money too. They will give their customers $25 for every friend or family member they refer that has an approved loan.  This will continue to help me when I’m in a bad financial bind.  I will be able to use the money I have earned from there refer a friend program to help pay off the current loan I have with They want their current customers to refer family members and friends who are good honest people and won’t take advantage of the cheap loans they are offering. is the only company I will turn to when I need cash fast. A loan from them is the easiest and fastest way to get the cash I need the next business day.

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