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Kate Middleton Wedding Dress was Compared onto other Princess Grace Kelly

May 2, 2011

Recently we’ve been all seen  the royal wedding of the century that most media was talk about around the Globe. Even here when I residing a lot of detailed news  was broadcast so often when the newlywed are about to take their vows on. But on the fashion enthusiasms, one thing that they’re really looking forward too. And even me of course which what Kate will wear as her wedding dress that day who made by the famous designer  Alexander McQueen. I must say, the design was incredible awesome and gorgeous. But on the other people who had been experienced on the fashion world, they did say that the made wedding dress was indeed resembled by the wedding dress of Grace Kelly who’s a commoner turns into a princess as well way back time.

On the top photo, you may see Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton wearing their own wedding dress on. Its up to you on how do you find each other wedding dress if they do have resemblance or what.

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