Monthly Archives: July 2010

Adept on blogging stress

July 29, 2010

yes, i think i am already adept to this online stress that ill be getting everyday and all are manageable into my happy right now because i can able to update my bunch of blog easily and without any dull moment while doing these stuff,lol and i think i use to love blogging activities now which we can bring me into a high level on my writing career, hope and for those newbies i know youll still encountering some stress on your way, just take it and learn of it and you will definitely be great soon but please note i am not telling you guys that i was a great now just trying to be an inspiration to others to pursue what they want to be on this online world..haha

So i hope this will continue,has i have this positive thinking and yeah well indeed for me and i hope you will do as well soon..ok thanks a lot and have a great day ahead

Blog Theme is Important?

July 26, 2010

Yeah, wordpress theme is quite important to a blog though, but with some reason its depends on your strategy and i also think blog themes isnt that much important then, so confusing? yeah it ok let me explain to you then, why i told that so, actually having a great and a lot of graphics and such themes are well good because readers are might stay on your blog lastly while just having a simple white one who they might find it boring in away,that is if you are starting on the blogging world, you really thought the way right? but when you got into these stuff, i am pretty sure that your blog themes will not so important then to you because you will stick on your content and how you can give some spice on it that most readers want to read about, yeah for me now blog theme isnt so important though we have to choose someone theme who can help us to built a great blog though and i know thesis theme is one of them because of the seo built in that the theme has..

but please dont be so graphical into your themes which can may bring your blog down due with some high graphical ok thats it for now and talk to you later..thanks

Why i love WordPress?

July 22, 2010

Why I Love WordPress? well the main reason was wordpress is a indeed famous that most blogger are using of, so i might use it as well because wordpress is proven them self to give such great platform that other cms havent, ok much better if i list out those reasons why i do like wordpress than the others blogging platform out there..:)

1, WordPress can easily to know on how to use with, though others are having a hard time to know on how to run a wordpress blog but i think practicing on the free platform is the thing you can do..:)

2,Wordpress has a bunch of plugins that we can use for free to look our blogs so professional in away..

3,Wordpress has a spell check feature which if you mistyped your content it will definitely turns red for your to correct with..

4.Wordpress is a Google friendly and a lot of advertisers are refer a wordpress blog to be advertise with than other platforms

5,wordpress is often update their platform into a great blogging convenience

6,Wordpress has a post tag who can help you with to find your post easily on the big boss site which the google

so yeah i think i named that all and if ever i missed something on these list,ill definitely update this into a new post as i learn something new on my way on..ok thanks again

My new health site ""

July 20, 2010

Yeah, as you all know that i am running a lot of blog in me which you didnt know some of those because i use to hide my self then why? because i know other might misunderstood me having a bunch of blog and maybe theyll find me quite boastful? what do you think? thats why Ive been chosen to hide my personal identities with some of those, well on my health blog i think i need to shown up my self because ill be tackling some of my personal experiences on how a fat belly like me before will be turns into a slim and average of body now, and of course i do included some of my photos thats why i dont have any choice just to shown ok heres my new link as Ive said ill be tackling some issues who is in related on how we can take care of on your own body by the simply ways that we dont often see on our daily lives..ok head over to the site now to find out what i am talking about now on

How to get your blog to be Cache on google?

July 19, 2010

I think i need to make my Google category now which i often do on my new blogs,lol ok a lot of newbies out there are might asking on how they can make their blogs to be cache on the big boss site which the Google, because having a cache blog on Google search engine is a big part on you as a blogger which Google can recognize you on what you are doing on your online activities as i know about it, but not sure though, thats how i think only. ok Ill be blogging a year now and Ive experienced quite bunch on how a cache those blogs that ill be running of, and based on my experienced youll be having to know about the seo stuff which can take you places on this online world, so what id SEO? these are the stuff that we have to do beside making our blog to look good and post a unique contents out of it and one of the best seo task that you have to do is blog hopping which one of my fav with, because as you comment some other blogs though you can also gets some good friends around the world who can help you in some yeah in that way google will cache your blog me..hehe and by the way if you want to check . if your blogs is already cached just head over on your google search engine then type in this cache: and your blog url without the www on it like this one it? hope you do..ok thanks..:)

What is the Best, Gmail or Ymail?

July 15, 2010

Love comparing some online services to let other know on how can i look into these companies and such, so i have today is what do you think is the best to use between Gmail and Ymail as your free email account if you dont have such any own domain to run your personal email out of it? ok before i use to have the both account because i was starting on my blogging activities back then but when i have these my own domains of course ill be choosing to have an email account over my domains or under my name on it, because i think using some free email account has no assurances where these accounts will be live online,liked what had been happened on me on my ymail before which they blocked my email account without any notification happen, to the sense that all of my online accounts are using that email address, so i might restarted to register on my online account then with some sort i just contacted the webmasters who Ive been registered disgusting and tired you know! but do fairness on gmail, i cant experiences any glitch and down time to them and i think if you have no any personal account you must consider gmail to run with, because i tested their services already and not just that because as for today Google are giving away a free call to Canada and USA using your gmail awesome right?

Ok thats i looked into this topic and i hope i can help you with to decide which email account that youll be signing of,but please, i am not bias with any to this post, i just wrote what Ive been experienced before..ok thanks

My first Post to this blog! yehey

July 10, 2010

Yes, finally after a long wait to my friend who recently owns this domain to be pointed this domain on my personal hosting, to start this blog all over, now all are went smoothly for both of us, actually im so thankful to her because i just bought this domain for just only 10 dollars who is a good deal though on my part because the domain has already a page rank of 3 that most buyers are looking for into a domain, right? (who doesnt by the way?) and quite have a backlinks as well to the google search but not so built, so i need to work hard on that too as long with my unique contents that i was thinking

and i  also hope that the Alexa rankings of this blog will be on the good raw because as you can see its quite then than i usual i have on my other blogs, but i know as i update this more often that i really intended to do on this blog,(i hope i can be) all stat will going good then..crosses fingers on yeah thats it for now and im really looking forward to see you commenting on my post to be soon, ok thanks for reading and have a blessed day to everyone..^_^

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