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Welcome To finkalixius

August 27, 2010

I just want to welcome everybody who is now reading this blog finkalixius and i hope youll enjoy by reading my entry through out this blog, actually if you visited this blog already,this blog is under on my friend moderation before but now as i bought this into her i was the one who is behind all of the awesome post that(s) ill be making on the future..if you read those please keep on updating this site though..

What do i post on this site? well ill still stick on the name of this blog finkalixius and i think i have to tackles such things that are in related on girls and some fashion things that can help us to be a better one, i mean having a self confidence , yeah this site is all about girl empowerment that i think can lift girls ego in way..ok intro is enough for now and check out my first entry..thanks

Benefits of the blog contest

August 22, 2010

I know, you are quite wondering why other bloggers was running some giveaways and blog contests? well as i know some of those are under by other companies names, they just want to let other people know about the product and such but some other was a personal blog contest because maybe they are well blessed already and they just want to help other people by giving such anything that most people can commotion with,lol so what do think the benefits that the person who held the contest? well i think , mostly people who will be running a contest has really has a aim like for example he or she had a 2 new blogs and has no a backlinks already maybe they just do was, they require the participants to linking out those links so that they might have a backlinks over to those a lot of blogs that sooner it will returns in good terms..right? but others want to have a great reputation online and to be a influential online, but sometimes it just a fun blogging online, yeah a lot of reasons why they should run a blog contest but one thing that i knew if you are host a contest which you can make other people lives happy because of the prizes that they may get to you..ok be nice to other if you had a extra blessing there..^_^ thanks

be friendly online

August 15, 2010

Blogging is not all online about posting and sharing, this might be a great place too, to earn some good friends for real life, yeah thats true because me personal i found some good friends online who may help me out to understand who this online job works and i am very thankful to them for always considering if they got and offers to those privates rather walk in advertisers..thanks to you all guys and i know youll know who are

so yeah built a friendship online is one you would do because they can a great tool to maximize your online influential as long aas they do as well to you and i think without them blogging activities will be definitely a dull moments and not just that because you can still gets inspired on what they been achieved by just running a telling you if you could find someone who has a great reputation online you might be like her or him too by time goes by because online buddies really share what they know about internet marketing and stuff..^_^

I need to have my fashion blog now

August 9, 2010

yeah i need to have my own fashion blog now and i hope as i manage this blog though i can buy another domain to pursue it because i was too envy to those people who can share their personal style online and not just that because they can really get some freebies clothes to review with, my goodness those branded clothes really make me sick and i hope i can have mine using this blog though im not really on fashion to this blog but yet still i want to have some free products to review with, ok let see after i blog hop to those clothing company blogs,hoping so and crosses fingers for me now, thanks

Trying my luck on Payu2blog!

August 9, 2010

Oh lord, yeah i am trying my luck in second time around to the one of awesome brokers that my online buddies keeps on telling me which payu2blog, i hope this way around i can get approve to their program because i need some pennies now because christmas is already around the i know payu2blog requirements was a blog who has been consistently blogging for a 3  months and have a post into it too, but not sure though, with some details about it,so please do search on it if you want to get approve by them, well this blog is blogging for a months of 2 but still yet i am hunching my self to get in to the program because as Ive said that this domain is already live a months ago now but i just started it over a new blog which been started on the month of August because my friend post was kinda copied by other blogs,you know, i dont want to have a copied content out of all my

So indeed, been submitted this blog already and let see if i can get approve or not, please wish me luck and ill do an update after they email me back regarding on my application..ok thats it for today and then again thanks for reading..:)

Trying to back up my images

August 7, 2010

I am planning to transfer this blog into the other server but one thing that im worrying about which my images that ive been uploaded here, my goodness theyre a bunch and i even dont know on how to back them out, so you do you know on how to? can you please help me so? actually ive tried the filezilla already but yet still i dont know on how to transfer my images to this blog going to my computer folder so that i can bring them back as i successfully moved out on the new server that i was trying to do now, ok lemme check Google about it and as i knew the procedure ill definitely go on for it, crosses fingers i hope i can made this stuff..

blog hopping!

August 5, 2010

im done posting this day and i dont have anything to do next thats why Ive been decided to do the blog hopping so that i can have a great pagerank then as Google update pagerank pretty soon and of course having a backlink on the other site is a must so that my post will be a well search on the search engine and so far im enjoying doing it because i can learn as well to those personal blogs and other fashion blogs i hope i can be so industrious doing the blog hop along my way then, ok thats it for now and thanks a lot and have a great link building to everyone..thanks

Want an Ipad

August 4, 2010

i really aiming to have an ipad with me because i think a blogger like me are use to have it now because the table pc is indeed convenience for us to use anywhere and everywhere that we wanted, you know we cant live without checking out our online accounts and activities and i see to it that ipad is a big help toward me but too bad on my end because i wants have enough money to buy at least the 8gb one, oh lord jesus i hope i can have a lot of offers then to this blog so that i can have my ipad so soon..ok ill pray on this and please help me so be praying on me as well,LOL ok thanks a lot

about having a unique content

August 4, 2010

I am quite late though having this blog post but at least i remembered this blog then, anyways i have this topic about what do you get if you have a unique blog post or content in to your blog? well as having a unique content is the most importantly into a blog, why? because it well be shown how much the author will passionate to her or his doing online and secondly if you are intent to earn out of your blog so must have as well a great content because advertisers will see if you are capable to do some fair reviews on their products or websites, and of course to please the boss then which Google because if you have a unique content i am pretty sure that Google will recognize you and by then you can built a great reputation online which can bring you places that you want to be..

Ive heard a lot of success stories online , who can made their life easier by just on blogging and yeah they are all suggested to have a very unique content in every post that you will be make so that you can have a great foundation too,in this online world..hehe

Sorry for the inconvenience

August 3, 2010

yeah, sorry for the inconvenience that this site glitching about last time because as i blogged on my last post that i was moving on the new server, yeah indeed and this blog is already on the awesome new server that Ive been purchased a day ago and so far so good then to this new server and i can rarely see the speed that this server has and i hope my readers will notice this as they browse the site and i hope you may have your convenience now as you navigate the site, ok thats it for now and please let me know if you see any bugs on it now..thanks a lot

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