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Gothic Fashion

March 30, 2011

Gothic Fashion is now trending nowadays? I dont know either, I just got this photo on the web and I found it cool thats why Ive been decided to make this post up to get some ideas on the other people on how they look on this Gothic fashion And if youre asking my personal opinion about this fashion. Well, I must say I was impressed on it, why? because of the quirkiness on their taste and the mix and match was pretty awesome indeed and of course love the color black clothes that can be suits on the fantastic Gothic make up.

2ne1 Sneakers

March 24, 2011

One of the fashion signature of the K-pop group 2ne1 was this awesome sneakers. Because we all know that Jeremy Scott is one of their sneakers sponsor under the brand level Adidas,  thats why this group has a hip sneakers as always. But not only Adidas that they often wore, but also some Christian Louboutin sneakers, the one that has metal spikes. You may see the christian Louboutin shoes below.

Even big bang is also wearing this brand too often, and I think they just considered 2 brands on their footwear, which the Adidas and this awesome Christian Louboutin.

Wedge Shoes from China

March 20, 2011

The place where we could see the Great of wall China which is on China is now having a great fashion and trendy pieces of clothes and shoes. I just stumbled on the online shop where did I found this awesomeness and sweetness gladiator shoes that I really wanted to have since then, and the online shop was located on China based on their about page and Im a little bit shocked becuase all items are good then as long there prices on that site. Imagine this shoes was only 9.99 usd in any sizes,such chic and awesome thats what I will tell. Now I am planning to buy it though as I got my payment on my other advertiser becuase I dont want to loose this changes to bought something cool online.

By the way, on my next post youll find out what is the online shop that I was telling you about  here, because on this post, I just wanted to write something randomness and without any promotional stuff. hope you understand.Thanks!

2ne1 Before and After

March 18, 2011

Kpop girl group 2ne1 had proven them selves on their craft in the music industries. but I know you wonder how those beautiful ladies looked like before when they just an ordinary people like us, heres the photo that Ive been found on Google. I hope you do like it. Actually they looked the same as now, really. Dara is still beautiful while CL is still hot but she need to fix her hair first and Bom was quite sleepy I think so, and Minzy needs some smile though, but all in all theyre still the same as now.

I think on this picture. They just preparing on their first pictorial, because Dara was wearing something quirky there while others arent yet ready on it? not sure though, but one think that I will assure that this group is indeed beautiful whatever happened. by the way ill be putting one of their recent photo below for you to take a look to.

Look. they just got some changes there when its comes on hair and make up. And fashion sense of course, Love CL hair. As well on Bom, while Minzy remained on her apple cut hair and Dara is still their outfits here, too chic.

Will Buy Watch Soon!

March 13, 2011

Just I love watch,simply as that, thats why I am planning to buy this awesome guess watch soon as someone advertise on this again,LOL when it was? i hope by next week though. Anyways, I can buy this awesome watch for a cheapest price ever on my favorite online shop which on,Yeah you may check out the site and let see if you could find such things that you really wanted to have liked this watch on me then.Alright, thats it for now and Ill make an update as I got this lovely watch. Talk to you soon dear readers.thanks!

Teaser photo for Second Fashion Show

March 13, 2011

I told you that I was on the fashion shows nowadays and heres the teaser photo for the last fashion show that Ive been attended with. Soon Ill share more pictures for this event,meanwhile let me disclose you all for awhile so that you often check this blog for the next photos..alright,see you on my next photo post..thanks

Eye Makeup Tutorial (Korean Style)

March 10, 2011

Asians, mostly Koreans to be specific, they do have this tiny eyes that has no eyelid on it, thats why they often did this eye make up that I was sharing to you then now, so might you can do the same thing as you got this cute tiny eyes with you. So far, Koreans are leading on make ups as long onto fashion nowadays as Ive seen it ok,bear with me if Im because peeps are getting craze on how those Koreans bring them selves by wearing those hot and awesome quirky stuff and clothes that can look them cute and unique.

S.P.A Fashion Show

March 8, 2011

As you can see on the top photos, we held an fashion show and pre-pageant belong, I was on the fashion show, because pageant isnt my type, though Id been joined already with some awesome pageant before( way back time),lol but I think ramping is more than me now and I want to learn on how to walk gracefully and to look hot(LOL) thats why Id been chosen to be a model(Im just started doing it,So please bear with it)

So yeah, later Ill post some of my other photos and Ill tell you as well what are the stories behind those photos that I was about to share to you later as I finish my other things out..alright then, lemme finish this post out so that I may prepare my materials on my next post, see yah gals and guys.

Korean Guy Fashion!

March 6, 2011

So far, Koreans has this every unique on their mix and matches clothes when its come on fashion, why do I said that? Because they did experiment thing out like wearing some colorful pants,quirky shoes,different shirt and even they did their hair shade. And I admit Their style are getting fab and fav by peeps all over the world like what this group big bang wore, on this photo, what Id like to them was their black pants and nice boots because they looked neat and hot by those shoes and pants. And I found either such boy band group that has this great fashion sense, I think?lol check their video below.

My Inspiration

March 6, 2011

Being a newbie on this kind of stuff, I use to look up to those awesome people who may get inspired on me to do it so rather to push this through,so that someday Ill be come what did they becoming yet still now. Like this lovely and skinny lady here named Tricia, yeah this sweet lady is my indeed inspiration because through her own thing she can be what she wanted to be of with, gets what I mean? Its like she has this freedom to shown to everybody what are the things she wanted to do and what she really wanted to be, that I think I wasnt have now because I am still newbie and Im quite afraid though to try new things with me then. Thats why idolized this lady and I hope I can able to see her her so muchy..

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