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I bought another 2

November 30, 2010

I think i was indeed addicted on running a blogs because yeah as you read it on  my title post that Ive been bought another 2 domains, its true that i was, because i know Google will update  our blog pr soon thats why i may have to take a risk and follow my hint then, i just hope this will work as Google coordinate on what i have plan in here, hopefully and crosses fingers, lol

Actually i just bought these 2 domains on my friend who been sold me my and now her 2 domains that i recently buys is definitely mine now and thanks to her kindness, she also allow me to retain her posts that i was insistently wanted, hello the blog was already a year now and if i bought the blog empty i think i can replace those blog post that she been made through her achieve, right? so yeah i am too greatful and thankfully to her, you know who you are!!

heres my new blog links its pretty obvious now that the formal owner was indeed rosa, lol but on this blog i think ill stick with her niche wherein she wrote almost personal stuff which like an everyday life diary, so check on that i might write something like that, lol

Mommoods- on this blog ill be tackling some of those mothers issues and even a rants,thoughts,idea and any goes that ill seen interesting as i browse the internet, but bear with it because my post to be was pretty unique and original..ahha

So yeah, thats it for now and i am looking forward to see you visited these 2 blogs soon and please dont forget to leave some lovely comments ok..bye and have a nice day

Models Job Looks Easy

November 29, 2010

I know most lovely ladies out there are aiming to be a model, right? so before you go further on your dream to be, let me please share with you this 3 minutes long video that Ive been found on one of my friends shared video via facebook, and yeah in some sort this video is indeed hilarious and i do hands down to those models who been caught to this video because theyre pretty much professional..

So you, if youll seeing your self to be a model as your career in the future you must first prepare your self most importantly your emotion that someday as you been model soon you can also might experience such scenario on what youve been watched on this video, so be prepare as early as now and dont stop practicing walking like a cat..haha

Ok thats it for now and yeah i think im doing great to this blog now because i was able to update this everyday,you must compliment on ok thanks a lot and GOD SPEED!!

Cant sleep all night long..

November 28, 2010

yeah last night i been to up till the sun shown up because maybe i was worrying to this blog quite bit, why? as you visited this page last few days ago the blog was entirely down due with some issues on my parent hosting that been resolved quite long time but do fairness on my friend who is given this hosting plan for free to me, i think she really had this kind hearted attitude and i am too thankful on that of course but i think i need to move on my own hosting account which has a speed and doesnt experiencing any down moment of it, well actually i had it already but still i recognized this hosting of my friend to show to her i much i valued her kindness..i hope she will understand why i had to transfer on my new hosting

Why i need a better hosting? ok i need a very high capability hosting account because on this blog i really gets a lot of offers to those awesome advertisers who can bring my blogging life easier thats why i need to pay them off by giving a convenience on what i posted and of course on how this blog can be tool to their promotional campaigns and such.gets what i mean? so yeah maybe tomorrow or in day after tomorrow youll be expecting a down moment again to this blog due with the process of transferring server and such but no worries it will take only for about a 15 to 10 minutes..ok thanks a lot and i will make an update if i done doing it.

Paid Post or Unique Post?

November 27, 2010

This post is under my tips category because i wasnt be able to update the category quite awhile , so yeah let me write my personal tips and ideas about the topic paid post or Unique Post which  of these two post that i most refer with? well i would want to say unique content, why? because blogging on the unique way is quite give a blogger pleasure because we bloggers has this emotional incline that we just shown up by writing and giving some information using our own way but on the other hand doing a paid post is a must as well because writing other companies business really help us bloggers to get last on the web which can help us either to pay all of our expenses to survive on this cyber world, both are important on me.

But at least youll know on how to balance this, i mean your unique and paid post are still manageable to the sense that you can still post the both who can help you to get stick on what your blog position on our big boss engine.

Im just opinionated

November 27, 2010

Indeed, i was only a opinionated person thats why maybe i can make my post longer as much as i wanted too, yeah blogging activities needs a open heart, eyes and you must really know on how to listen and Analise things out before you can write and share whats in on your mind because nowadays blogging has this wrong perception that other people looked at which blogging is just a hobby wherein you can write whatever that you wanted, yeah in some sort there was a point on that if dont hit some nonsense words, but if you asking me out blogging for me is our way to help and give such information that other people seek about not to insult neither to gossip  a particular person, but i am not telling that kind of blogging is not necessarily ok, it still up on your end, but for me i will still doing this  what i think is right to write about that can make other people

So you, how do you blog? or are you planning to have a blog then? alright my comment box is open in any criticism,shout out,buzz and everything that you want to share and tell on me or rather use my contact page for any questions in related to this topics as much with some personal matter..ok thats it for now and have a nice day to everyone

Girls Fashion

November 26, 2010

Oh, i often blog about girls topic nowadays because i think i need to help them out to boost those insecure girls out there to them selves, but im not pointing anyone ok, just want to clear things out, anyways i know theres a lot of accessories, clothes, shoes that is available on the market that we can avail with to have a great look after but you know as i know there was a new trends on this season which is wearing some gold piece as you wear your dress to be thats why i am suggesting you to buy gold bullion for you to consider because i knew the product already and yeah it has a great quality of gold who can made you shine and chic in away as you walk on your way..

Ok thats it for now and let see the outcome as you have yours already and please dont forget to let me know which style you had been bought ok, ill do the same thing as i bought mine ok thanks a lot dear

I Turned my Fansite into a personal blog

November 26, 2010

yes you heard it right that my fansite which tackling those kpop artists was turning into my another personal blog, though i can get a good amount of traffic on that page but still i want to have a very unique content to share with, not like on running a fansite which other fansite can really copy on what you have in on your page, thats why i dont like the fansite anymore and its indeed quite disgusting on my end because i really put hard on that but still other people copied my work? what the? anyways its all done now and i think istarblog is having a great time nowadays because of the clean living blogging to the

Ok i hope youll visit my new personal blog and sorry if you get upset by finding such post who havent there already but still i am working out to replace them out with my unique and original content that i know you will like to read about, ok thanks a lot and im looking forward on your comments once again to those personal entries that Ive been made.

Upgrading my parent Hosting can really ruin my day

November 26, 2010

I miss this blog quite awhile thats why ill be posting 4 entries just for today, lol how industrious i am? opps i am praising my self now just dont mind me please, anyway yeah indeed this blog was down the whole day yesterday and i think my parent hosting is upgrading their server? not sure though about it but my friend told me that they was only upgrading thats why i looked that it is, its ok though because the site  finkalixius is now live and kicking and starting to give more quality content that you wanted, hows that? you do like it rather sounded awesome on your ears? oh cold storm air will be here..haha but i am not a boastful ok i just want to make this post as happy as i can in order for you to keep forward reading this, i hope you do anyway.

But im not blaming everyone on this because i know this was only a normal thing as you have your own hosting for a blog right? so you if you experiencing the same thing dont panicking because everything will be alright then just dont move things out on your hosting or else you might mess up your blog as the hosting gets up, why i know?  well Ive been experienced it already and i either deleted one of my blog before but now the blog is ok and fine kicking..thank GOD

Girls Must be Beautiful Everyday

November 26, 2010

Yeah, it is a SOS for a girl to be  beautiful everyday because girls created to share why world is too beautiful right? but i know other people out there are asking how about me so what? because they wasnt have this called confidence to their selves thats why their beautiful appearances inside and out wont quite shown up, so what do you think they must do? OK i highly suggested you to study in any of those beauty school in Phoenix because on that place they can teach you on how to enhance your physical outlook as long as your attitude..

Actually on my personal way on how i make self beautiful, is every time i woke up i am starting to have a positive insight about my self and i feeling that i was the most beautiful around our town and yeah i think its work because on what i am thinking its really shown up inside and out, thats how i feel it but ill never know if people could see the same thing on me.. so yeah be positive all of the time and i am telling you all things went to the good way like what youve been wanted off and please do consider beauty school in Phoenix because its really a help on your end, im telling you, im not kidding by this time, ok thats it for now and thanks a lot for keeping visiting my blog then..

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Obsession on the Girls Accessories

November 26, 2010

I often blog about some girly stuff over this blog because on the first place i intended to make this a all about girls blog because of its domain name finkalixius but suddenly i turn this into a personal blog because i think i have a lot of thoughts,rants and any goes that i wanted to share with thats why you can see this as personal it like it dear? anyways let me tell you a quick story about how my sister and mother buy gold , yeah indeed both of them are have this intense obsession on gold jewelries and i dont know why they are like that, could someone psychologies out there tell me? because its getting worsen, to the sense that every time we went out they really buy at least one piece on

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