You Can be Stylish in Medical Scrubs

April 20, 2012


Most women that work in office settings such as secretaries, office assistants and bookkeepers, or women that work in retail, have the ability to look gorgeous at work. They are able to wear the newest styles, with high heels and jewelry.

These ladies get up in the morning, fix their hair, take time to get their make up just right, and then they go to the closet and find something pretty or ‘cute’ to wear that day, with the matching shoes. Then they top everything off with nice jewelry, and manicured hands. If they want to go out after work, they are ready!

All ladies do not have this luxury. Take for instance women that work in the jails and prisons. They get up in the morning and pull their hair into a tight bun; usually they don’t bother with make-up. They dress in the required uniform, (none of which are flattering to women), and put on a pair of law-enforcement boots. They are ready for work – no jewelry, and very few have manicured hands. If they want to go out after work they need to go home, shower and change clothes – more trouble than it’s worth!

Another area that does lend itself to women’s style is the medical profession. If you work in a hospital, an after-care facility, a dentist office or a veterinary office, your choice of attire is medical scrubs, and flat comfortable shoes.

Thankfully the medical field is much less restrictive than working in a Department of Corrections setting. Even though you have to wear a uniform of sorts, medical scrubs are very flexible.

Until recently all scrubs were ‘unisex’ and one color, not allowing for any individuality, let alone ‘style’. Now there are medical scrubs available for women, which fit nicely and give a little style to the uniform. The pants also come in a wide variety of colors from purple to peach, and the tops are available in solid colors or in prints. Even nursing shoes are more stylish now; they are available in several styles and colors.

If you work in the medical profession, get new medical scrubs and be funky or chic– it’s your choice!

Winter is killing me

December 18, 2011

Yeah- I hated the cold breeze though holidays are the best but the weather is kinda killing me that I most hate about. And also, why my parents are used to then organized an family gathering and they often made it as a pool party. My goodness,I don’t know if I’ll attend on my parents party this but if they do have this electric pool heater I’ll definitely come. Because it can helps on the water pool to be warm and can able for my end to have fun on the pool.. Let see if they will buy me one..hehe I’ll update you soon..

Hair Problems?

June 17, 2011

A lot of you folks are having these problems on your hair, right? might loosing some of your hair’s out or maybe you are having some split ends to it. Whatever the reasons maybe I think you’ll be needed this hair replacement surgery that is trend these days. Yeah! hair surgery is trend on today’s heath remedy. And hopefully this may know not only here at local but also internationally.  Actually there was some countries who are doing this hair surgery already but since this was been an recent problem, I think we needed more time to get this involved on the world of health surgery. You can ask your surgeon if they are conducting some hair surgery on their hospital for you can consider so, as you have these hair problems with you.

A lot of chemicals,cream and so on that promises an great hair solutions. But yet still they are failed by giving so, that’s why I highly suggested a surgery for the fast and safeties way to get your young and healthy hair back.

How to stay fit?

April 24, 2011
By is not only on fashion base but also on health and diet, why? becuase how you can be fashionable if you are fat or couch potato one? and I am pretty sure the dresses that you wanted to wear with wont suits on you then. That’s too disgusting, I know! yeah. No worries that’s why I was here to give you some tips on how you may look fabulous and skinny as you wear your things out.

Actually, there was a lot of tips and even ways on how you make look good, and some people are doing some tricks on it. Like, wearing some dark top and dresses while other are wearing waist terminator but I think there’s other ways that we may do to get rid on those belly and fatty body we have. I suggested you to try these Dieta Atkins and dieta mediterranea because I heard that these two ways are indeed working in any kind of people body types, thats why I decided my self out to try this on my self on, and yeah, its working and I must these ways are great to do as you have an disgusting body like what I have before.

After you’re done doing your daily exercises routine, the best thing to do is to eat some vegetables, I refer some fiver ones and fruits that enrich in fiver and vitamins as well. These ways you can easily flush those unwanted fats and fatty acids that is live inside your body. Banana is the best one, because the fruit has an potassium and quite protein that can give our body some energy to go through on the day, and Papaya is the one of my favorite as well, because the fruit has an strong fiver that can help our stomach to increase metabolism. These 2 fruits are the best.

Now even this so called dieta Fricker is the best to be consider with as you are planning to get in fit, because this one is indeed recommended by a lot of doctors out there who really supports this way to lost body weights. But still you needed to consult your physician first to do further like this, but I guarantee you that these ways that Ive been tackled on the top writes are the best ever that you may do as you have this eagerness to get fit and skinny. I’m so happy to know this matter because these helps on me a lot.

Birth defect

March 3, 2011

I was brothered to those child that as birth deficiencies, becuase Id never had any when I was a child then. That’s why I’m quite worried if I got child on the near future that my child to be gets any of these kind. Actually I thought this when my aunt gave birth of her second child that can brings me think so deeply in regards on this issue, yeah aunt child got abnormalality recently, and the baby doesn’t given a change to live on this world quite long time then. Becuase a hour ago when she got birth, the child got so many complicated Heath matters. That she can’t survived to live on this world and see the beautiful of living.

Anyways, the scenario has been done and we can help it just to accept it,right? Alright, I researched on this problem and I found out that there was one medicine that we can use as our child have this birth defect as they born on this world. Th medicine named was Topamax lawsuit and I heard this medicine is indeed help to those child and even on adult like us who often feels dizziness. By the way you can ask O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 if you had any questions on it though.

Need to lose weights now

January 8, 2011

Yeah, as you can see on my recently uploaded photos to this blog that i was looked so bulky now and yeah i admit anyway, because i been eaten a lot these holiday seasons(christmas and new year’s celebrations) and its run to our family that we use to get fat as we eats more than that we’re consuming in a day(got what i mean?), yeah even just one day of eating like that(holidays), we rapidly gets fatted,thats how i find it though, and now i am starting to getting slim again and doing my very best to get at least 30 minutes of exercises, though i had a graveyard shift then but for the sake of my health and to my personal appearances ill wake up so early now to have my cardio and to firm my body muscle and stuff, i hope i can make this happen immediately because i was quite disgusting to my self now and i think my self esteem is getting affected on it as well..LOL i know some of you who is reading is post right now is kinda laughing and even me i admit i laugh so hard while im writing this stuff because i wasn’t imagine my self sharing this kind of topic to you all, anyways im doing it already ..ahhaha ok lets see after i month if i could achieve my aiming body then..LOL thanks a lot and have a healthy day ahead..

Not Feeling Well!

November 8, 2010

Yeah, im not feeling well, and my eyes is pretty tearing, and i even feels a phlegm who is running to my throat upside down and kinda have quite fever though, what should i do? yeah i took some medicines already but still yet i dont get the relief that i want to, please let me feel better now because i need to update my 2 other blogs just for today, because ive been promises to my self that i will updating  all of my blogs at least 5 times in a week , thats why im here, though im not feeling well but still blogging and pushing me self to make this so, for the better outcome on the future, hope there was a good outcome for this hard works that Ive been working out ,:)

I hope i can be productive tomorrow then, so that i can finish and do what are the tasks that i have to do on my online activities in a certain day and yeah im looking for ward on that..ok i need to sleep now and take my medicines again to make me feel better hopefully tomorrow, ok bye for now and see you again soon for my newest update to this blog..:) thanks

Whats better, Generic or Branded Medicine?

October 29, 2010

Ive been too peaked this following weeks ago due of lack of sleep maybe? i dunno, but i got a high fever then a cough and cold, my goodness i have to be healthy now (to do my tasks better) because i felt like im dying when i got through on that sickness and i think mens medical scrubs is really helpful that my parents wore into me on that time  and yeah  feel comfortable and relax though but of course i need to take some medicine as well that my mother bought to the pharmacy but she got a problem though, because the pharmacies asked my mother which one she’ll like to buy with the generic one or the branded medicine? hmm mother thinks deeply quite awhile because she wants to give me the best medicament should i take of, but she ended up with the branded one to be guaranteed on my health and to get better immediately as she believin..:)

By the way  mother use to make my own custom made scrubs and hospital scrub uniform because i was thinking to shift into i nursing this coming semester but not sure though, let see if the course calling me or not..don’t know im quite nuts nowadays..hehe ok thats it of now, have to rest and have vitamins later..thanks :)

Cough and Cold

September 25, 2010

I am not feeling well please throw me some energy supplement booster? LOL yeah i have a cough and cold i think this diseases really attracts when Christmas is coming because winter is about to happen soon so it might so cold that why we can get cold? LOL thats how i think just leave it,haha anyways though i have this annoying colds but still i have to write and write things out on my other blogs to be updated on whats happening inside blogging world, of course to buzz it out other people for those awesome new discoveries and news that they might help them in some sort of living that they have with(i think so)

actually i just got this last night when my parent dropped to my room and turn my air-con on because they been felt hot maybe? but after that im started to feel something not so usual for my body which is snoring and having a headache that keeps me felt disgusting whole night, my goodness precious i have no sleep till now and here i am writing this out..LOL

ok i think i have to rest a bit or else i might rush on the hospital because really i am not feeling well, i hope this freakin feeling will ease at least later..thanks for listen by the way..xoxo

My new health site “”

July 20, 2010

Yeah, as you all know that i am running a lot of blog in me which you didn’t know some of those because i use to hide my self then why? because i know other might misunderstood me having a bunch of blog and maybe they’ll find me quite boastful? what do you think? thats why Ive been chosen to hide my personal identities with some of those, well on my health blog i think i need to shown up my self because ill be tackling some of my personal experiences on how a fat belly like me before will be turns into a slim and average of body now, and of course i do included some of my photos thats why i dont have any choice just to shown ok here’s my new link as Ive said ill be tackling some issues who is in related on how we can take care of on your own body by the simply ways that we dont often see on our daily lives..ok head over to the site now to find out what i am talking about now on

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