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Buy Swim Wear In the Frugal Way

August 13, 2014

 photo ref_zps71ff5db5.jpg

As the summer season comes. Mostly girls are might be already pretty anxious on how they may pull off maybe their summer wears or swimwear. Also, has this thought on how they can achieve their great beach body that they also wanted to flaunt as they found themselves one day nearby the sea shores. Because girls are natural vain and they always wanted to be compliment most especially if they got this body to show off. However though, the mostly problem that may arises once girls to wear these chic swimwears was, they didn’t know where to buy them as well if they get the gear in the very reasonable prices. But no worries! because I got some ways which really works for me already once I wanting to have any items in me. And let me share these tips below for you to have this idea on how you can frugally shop online or in any mortar stores nearby available.

 photo sale_zps839a0d9d.jpg

1. If you are residing in the states, they did have this couponing thingy that you can cut off in any news papers or some malls are giving out this kinda brochure papers where you could see some coupon codes like american swan coupons to use once you visit the store. This is pretty great because you can really have a great deals with it.

2. Secondly, why not to check out this coupon sites that caters a lot of brands and has its great deals or coupon to use from the brands they affiliated with. And am suggesting this site called where mostly local even international brands are affiliated with.

3. But if you are just particularly into fashion finds. I may also suggest you to just search on to this koovs coupon codes were mostly the trends pieces were listed. They have a great summer wears as well to their current collection that I know you dont wanted to missed out.

4. Just try to shop to the sale section were items are gone to the discounted prices already and yet the quality aren’t yet compromise.

Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you find this post quite informative. Thank you and have a great day!

Vanishing Elephant Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

March 27, 2014

 photo vanishing-elephant-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-16-300x450_zps98915f34.jpg

 photo vanishing-elephant-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-12-300x450_zpsdc13a66e.jpg

 photo vanishing-elephant-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-09-300x450_zps7629f9fd.jpg

Vanishing elephants, a Sydney based brand unveils its collection of spring/summer 2014. The collection is mainly composed of mainly casual wear in, sweat shorts, casual dresses, casual trousers, casual jackets, t-shirts and suits.
The sweat shorts are of very high quality. They are made of light cotton material making them comfortable and suitable for the warm weather. The casual dresses are available in blue; they are made of jeans material. They are matched very well with casual long sleeved blouses and brown shoes. The sweat shorts come with very well matching tops and t-shirts. The shorts are available in different designs, styles and colors.

Suits are also available. They come in very beautiful blue colors and are made from very high quality woolen fabric. They are available in two piece and three piece and are matched very well with blue long sleeved shirts and black shoes. Available are also lightweight wind breakers which are available in different designs and colors.

They are made from high quality nylon material and matched very well with the trousers and sweat shorts. Very high quality and stylish casual trousers are also available; they appear in different designs and colors both for men and women. The trousers are made from high quality cotton fabric and light cotton material. They are matched very well with quality shoes. High quality casual shirts are also available.

Balmain 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

January 21, 2014

 photo balmain-2014-fallwinter-lookbook-2_zps352b2774.jpg

 photo balmain-2014-fallwinter-lookbook-4_zps036ffba2.jpg

 photo balmain-2014-fallwinter-lookbook-35_zps0abe8eaf.jpg

When it comes with high-end brands, I always look up to with this brand called Balmain, I think they were the most expensive, not the most but one of the most rather, brand these days in the fashion industry, because the brands offers a great finds today which mostly celebs are pleased to have. I’ve seen really some Kpop artists either some high profile celebrities like brad Pitt, Kayne West and more wearing the brand’s pieces on to them and rock it all the way. What I’d really liked about the brand is.. They did have this great jeans, for men, which probably fits on well in any body type you have, why do I know? because I got myself one last year and am telling you! Balmain with their jeans are all awesome!

And as we got into this new year, 2014, Balmain is pleased again to release new collection whicgh I know most of you folks are excited to see. So – yeah! these are the pieces that balmain cooked for us this fall/winter season for this year. What do you say about these? Dope of nope? For me, as always. These are awesome though military concepts are been used already last year for the bunch of brands collections, however, I’d still find this Balmain collection way hippest and trendy because of the strong details they putted in it.

Alright, that was it! I hope you’ll keep on checking this site, for more fashion news updates as well to the update for this Balmain 2014 Fall/Winter Collection that might probably be out months ahead. But I am not pretty sure when, but it will surely be out soon..

Men and Women’s Fashion Views

December 26, 2013

 photo 3379-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Before-Philosophy-Di-Alberta-Ferretti-Mercedes-Benz-New-York-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2013-2_zpsf70baa23.jpg

Most men don’t care as much about fashion as most women do and are way behind when it comes to knowing the latest fashion trends. This is probably because it’s a bit unusual for a guy to be a fashionista. Those who are may be regarded as gay. This is what we call gender double standards. Women are the ones who are typically stylish and fashionable and designers prefer designing and making clothes for them. This is evidenced by more choices for women’s clothes than men not just in malls but also in online stores. Furthermore, men are more modest when it comes to shopping. They’re satisfied with buying just a few items they need as opposed to women who usually shop til they drop.
For most guys, it’s enough that they look tidy and presentable. It’s also normally acceptable for them to break some fashion rules. Women, on the other hand, are expected to look their best and are often ridiculed when their outfits are old fashioned. Their skin and hair should also be perfect and they’re expected to put on makeup.

Men who want to be noticed however, shop at the best stores both online and off. One of them being Cockney Rebel Fashions. There’s no better way to put together a stylish outfit than to shop there. This family run business has been around for many years providing men with luxury designer brands of apparel, footwear, and accessories. Famous brands like Adidas Originals, Cruyff, Diesel, G-Star, Lacoste, Timberland, Ted Baker Mens, and Lyle & Scott are among those available at Cockney Rebel.

A Fred Perry polo shirt is one of the site’s bestsellers and is such a wardrobe essential. Shoppers can likewise buy a complete range of Fred Perry clothing which includes their latest collections, most especially sports clothes. All are timeless pieces which can be worn for many more generations to come.

Church’s 2014 Spring/Summer Footwear Collection

November 19, 2013

 photo churchs-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-1_zps37e05c2c.jpg

 photo churchs-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-2_zps68fd4387.jpg

 photo churchs-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-3_zpsba6a7b52.jpg

Love preppy looks? If so, these shoes are perfect for you then. Because look, they’re all awesomeness and each designs are way different than to the usual kind of shoes which are out in the market today. That’s why I really recommend these shoes above all the recent designer shoes there, plus, these shoes can be wear off in casual either in formal wearing. In short, it’s indeed versatile.

By the way, the shoes on top photos are belongs to ” Church’s 2014 Spring/Summer Footwear Collection” and might be available too, to soon in the market but there’s no definite date yet on when the brand Church’s will released these dope shoes though. So – let’s be all wait until they’ll out these for us to avail. Meantime, you can instead check out this site for some home decors that you may use to for this Christmas season.

Playing Golf in Style

November 19, 2013

 photo ukko_zpse5f9417f.jpg

Looking fashionable in the golf course will certainly help us win games because when we know that we look good, we feel more confident. There are some golfers though who seem to think that they have got their golf style right but in reality they are a fashion flop. It is not enough that you are wearing branded clothes or your color combinations are right. You have to take note of several fashion dos and donts. The one thing you want to be careful of is the length of your shorts. It should be no shorter than just above the knees. Make sure to tuck your shirt because at some golf courses, an untucked shirt is not permitted.

Some golfers want to wear white belts. It is better not to if you have a wide waistline because it will make you look bigger. It is also nice to wear bright colored shirts instead of a simple, boring white shirt so you will stand out. When mixing and matching, match your belt to your trousers rather than your shoes. Always take note of a shirt’s fabric when shopping and never wear denim because it would be difficult to move in them. Remember, being comfortable in the clothes you wear is the most important thing.

For the best in golf apparel, footwear, and accessories, check out Function 18. All their items are fashionable, affordable, and has top notch quality. Shop leading golfing brands online at You can find a vast selection of products from Adidas, Darren Clarke, Ecco Golf, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Lyle & Scott, Oakley, Puma Golf, Power Balance, Oscar Jacobson, Tommy Hilfiger and many others. They likewise have a great selection of golf waterproofs from Footjoy, a leading brand of golf footwear, gloves, clothing and accessories for almost 150 years.

The Athletic – Socks Inspired by The Portland Airport

November 16, 2013

 photo the-athletic-portland-01-630x472-Copy_zps3be92aff.jpg

 photo the-athletic-portland-02-630x472-Copy_zps7cd225db.jpg

When it comes with my accessories. The pieces that I also wanted to have or these pieces which cant be abolish on my personal fashion styling or statement was these great colorful socks. Because socks can really helps you to spice up your total outfit as you have this casual and formal wear with you and this type of styling can be also apply in any sporty deeds or activities. Today, let me share with you these variety of socks from the brand ” The Athletic , Portland-based socks company who offers a wide range for their socks that we can rock in in different events and fashion activities. I simply found them great because these socks are the ones most look forward by these fashion people who has a huge enthusiastic about fashion and the latest trend in the industry. Check below on how you may style any of the socks on this brand,The Athletic.

 photo 2734-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Alessandro-Arensberg-Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2013_AKS3955_zps744047c4.jpg

the socks can be paired off in any of your Capri pants as well in your chinos and khaki pants. Check over Google on how does these fashion people rock themselves to these socks and kind of styling. And one thing am sure! this color socks is the one most do and trend in the fashion industry today in both men and girls.

Black Scale x Fingercroxx 2013 Capsule Collection

November 16, 2013

 photo black-scale-x-fingercroxx-2013-capsule-collection-1_zpseb9974a8.jpg

 photo black-scale-x-fingercroxx-2013-capsule-collection-3_zps729285cd.jpg

 photo black-scale-x-fingercroxx-2013-capsule-collection-2_zpsccccb0b1.jpg

Contemporary street wear pieces are the statements. I simply lliked them because they’re my comfort. I can go anywhere, everywhere by just wearing these dope street wear pieces with me. That’s why when I saw these collaborated pieces of 2 great brands, Black Scale & Fingercroxx, I juust hooked to their pieces which possibly be out pretty soon in the market. Because look, these black inspired street wear are the ones quirky and definitely make you dope as you wears them.

This collection really speaks on my style too and I hope I can at least have one piece from this collection as it out in the market soon. As of now, I haven’t got any details yet regarding this Black Scale x Fingercroxx 2013 Capsule Collection but soon enough, as the 2 brands cooked this up already they’ll the one then to update us on this great collection here. No worries, folks! because I will update you also in here once I got the full details about it. Thanks o much and keep on checking my blog,, for more fashion news and updates.

Stussy x Pendleton Muchaco Blanket

November 16, 2013

 photo stussy-x-pendleton-muchaco-blanket-1_zpsf3aa3de0.jpg

I just noticed. Lately, the brand Stussy is used to collaborate with other brands from high-end to the newest brands these days. I think stussy is trying to widen their market more by doing this thing, but am not still sure though on what supposed or should be planning for them brand to be well known world wide, actually their brand are been known already worldwide,right? I dunno, why they have to collab with several brands at the same time these days. hehe

Okay, recently, the brand Stussy is once again teamed up with this other brand called Pendleton for the Stussy x Pendleton Muchaco Blanket. Yeah! you heard it right, for just an blanket, see the above photo, and I think, this is the most fashionable blanket out in the market today and you may just have it for ¥19,950 JPY (approximately $205 USD) in any Stussy brand’s stores near you, also in their online shop here:

Other than the details given above. I havent got any further yet at this time. However, will try to be more detailed soon as I got the update from stussy either to Pendleton brand itself. I’ll keep you posted, no worries! :)


I Love Ugly 2013 Fall/Winter Crosby Shoe Collection

November 16, 2013

 photo i-love-ugly-2013-fallwinter-crosby-shoe-collection-1_zps81c8badf.jpg

New Zealand based menswear label I Love Ugly had released their new shoe collection for fall/winter season called “I Love Ugly 2013 Fall/Winter Crosby Shoe Collection”. Actually, I found their shoe design usual because I’ve seen a lot of brands already with the same designs and color used that’s why I dont find this any something unique in it, however, this type of shoes are the ones versatile because you can be wear off this in any casual either in some formal events you tend to attend with soon.

One thing that I’d liked with this photo, which the guy’s floral pants. It is quirky and trendy that cant make you go wrong as you rock it for yourself. Alright, that will be all for now, uh wait! as I’ve heard this shoes is around $170 USD at the I love ugly’s nearby stores where you resides. just check on your store for further details about it. Thank you! and have a great weekdays everyone.

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