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Finally New year is already around the Corner

December 29, 2010

Ill be waiting on the new years even than on the christmas day because as Ive said on my previous post that we havent often celebrating the christmas day due with some belief that we growing with thats why we arent much put some effort to celebrate it, hope you can understand on my end, but anyways new years is indeed around the Corner, do you already bought your own fire crackers and boxhead 2 ? if so, thats great then because as you celebrated the new years eve with loud sound and such i am quite pretty sure that you may have a abound of blessing prosperous as the new days in new years are passing through, i hope thats real though..LOL

By the way i just thought on how people had been celebrated their new years way back time in the age of war because theres no peacefully ambiance around them. thank god we arent experiencing the same thing before now and i also hope that this coming new year all people will thing on how they be a blessing to one another so that the war will be prevented for good(i hope so) anyway just flow on the way, and wait i also aiming that my blogging for money by this new year will be increase though..LOL ok i think i need to end this up because im still transferring my all blogs to the other server and ill make you updated on it soon..thanks

We bought something online!

December 29, 2010

My brother and I, decided to take a look into a china retailer online shop because he (my brother) often tells me that he seen something awesome products out to the shopping site thats why i gave him a change to take a look into the site and guess what, yeah indeed a lot of beutiful items is in there already thats why i can help my self to purchased at least 2 items to try their services consistency, i mean the shipment and the availability of the products and such, and yeah we doesnt failed because its quite easy then to order and you can choose what shipping companies that your product will be deliver with, by the way its only takes 24 hours for our  purchased to be pack and get ready for shipment, why i know? because they do email me on what is the status of the products that ive been purchased..haha

I think before the months of december will end i can received the items already because i chosen the FedEx for delivery, ok let see and no worries ill posted out those items here as i received them out..ok thats it for now and thanks a lot

Online Bingo – A Fun Way to Pass the Time

December 29, 2010

Slow, boring days have always got people down. People want to be entertained, have fun, and enjoy themselves in general. Unfortunately, with the economy in the dump, and unemployment on the rise, few people have enough extra money to entertain themselves in traditional ways. Today, going to the movies or something similar can cost a ton of money – money that the average person does not have to spare. If you’re bored and looking for a way to spend a few hours, you should consider online bingo.

Online bingo sites like 888bingo allow you to play the exciting game of bingo at any time of the day or night. 888bingo has a good selection of games to choose from, and generous welcome bonuses that can help get you started without risking too much money. With most bingo cards costing less than a quarter bingo games online are a fun and affordable way to spend a day. And, with a site like 888bingo, you can trust that you’re in good hands and will always be paid on time.

One great thing about online bingo is that you can play it at any time. If you can’t sleep and are bored at 4 am, why not fire up the laptop and play some bingo? Your alternatives are to watch TV (good luck finding something to watch at 4 in the morning!), or finding something else to do – and it’s doubtful that any of your friends are awake at 4am. Online bingo may not be something you do all day long every day, but it’s definitely a fun and affordable way to spend a lazy afternoon, or just an hour here and there when you get a break from your responsibilities. Besides, online bingo is the great opportunity not only to have sun, but also to regularly make money.

Yummy Bibingka!

December 26, 2010

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Everyone knows that when the BER Months is heading over a lot of vendors outdoor are use to sell some Pinoys delicacies like this one called Bibingka and yeah i love eating this hot bibingka that we bought on the near resto here at my place and the good thing was, the resto is use to sell bibingka anytime not like on other who just use to sell this as the yuletide season is coming over thats why i cant miss this out as this december month is heading over..Good to me though yeah!LOL ok thats it for now just want to share what i love most to this blog..haah beside i can update my picture of the day category as well..

Too Busy and Happy Holidays To all!

December 24, 2010

December is the most tiring but eventful month of the year because we use to celebrate our Almightys birthday and by ending the year without any major problem that we are all encountered with, we must to be thankful these days because another new year has given to us to spend and share our lives to other people and be blessing as well to them, ok let me all greet you a merry happy holidays to you all guys and i hope you can enjoy the vacation and had a blast party then, I think i need to end this up because theres such tasks on me offline that i need to attend with or else mom will kick my ass out..LOL anyways sorry for not posting my promises photos to you but no worries as i finish these bunch of work offline ill definitely update this blog on that, by the way thanks to my brother who bought me sweater online and soon ill be sharing it here, ok im done to this now.thanks a lot

Ive gained some great friends!

December 23, 2010

As this blogs is freaking down in the moment and as i searching the way on whats happening on my server on that time, i got this group of people who is experiencing the same thing on me because we had only one sever then where were running our blogs and yeah theyre all awesomely indeed because we can exchange our thoughts about on whats happening to our blogs and give such encouragement to each other who can brings us to be a great friends after all, at least something good things happened as i got this long down time..ahhah anyways now we forming a idea that we were all moving in the one ultimate no downtime hosting which can bring our blogging experience such convenience and sorry i cant detailed all of the information right now  but as we are all closing into it  no worries has the plan had made through, ill definitely share and blog about it here so that we can have your ideas about it, ok thats it for now and by the way check out my boys gifts to me on the next post.thanks a lot

Lovely Gifts that Ive been received

December 22, 2010

Yeah, its must be a lovely because these gifts that Ive been received was given my love ones who is indeed far away from me now, too bad for me then, though we got this long distance relationship but we see to it that we can see each other often and almost everyday, how? thats the job of video  at least we can share each other thoughts and show on how we love each other through that thing, well i received a bunch of chocolate to him and even some pistachios nuts that i use to like it because of the different tasty of this nuts has, and  of course a different letter as well who has a real song on it, yeah usual the card that we can only buy on the market here at our place are only had this musical song only not the vocal it self, right? thats why im too amazed and touched as well to him effort by giving me such like this letter card..

Ok thats it for now and by tomorrow ill let you see what those gifts are,but for awhile let me leave this blog and take my rest then because i was too freaking sleepy now and im just pushing my self to put something on this blog now because i need to fill anything  due with some down time that ive been encountered here lately..ok see yah all tomorrow, thanks a lot

I love Koreanovelas!

December 21, 2010

I missed to publish another personal content on this blog due with some problem that my brother has been encountered to our server and by next post ill be blog about that, anyways i just want to share with you  that i had this crazing  stuff to those koreanovelas nowadays like on what im getting too crazed on the perfect match that Ive been blogged recently and i think one thing that  can get my attention was, those Korean actresses accessories because of the quirkiness of those pieces  and now im planning to buy some resemblance piece on what they are wearing off and im also looking forward to buy gold bullion as well because i saw a gold bullion wore by  that awesome Korean actress that im looked up too..

By the way if you could know any online shop who can offer me such cheapest prince of Gold bullion, please let me know because i was aiming to buy such any before the years end, and also if you could know where can i buy a Korean hoddies from my brother as my present this coming holidays because he intended to have any this coming holidays and i think giving him a gift like that is the best thing that i could do..LOL ok thats it for now and thanks a lot.

Importing Old Pictures!

December 18, 2010

As we all know that this blog finkalixius was moved out through our old server rather a hosting because the former hosting that we have before is extremely often down thats why weve been decided to move this out on our old server who keeps us giving a great hosting no down time experience, well as we moved this blog were just only export the xml files over our admin panel it self because we arent know on how to backup files under the cpanel and kinda thing thats why we got this quite problem on our end because as we imported the files then one thing that were all noticed with that the blog images wasnt shown up to each posts who has it image on it, and yeah we found out that images arent included as you backup your blog through out your admin panel thats why now i manually importing those old images that we were posted here so that people might  not confuse whats on those white spot there..LOL ok as i made this smoothly soon ill definitely update you up on whats the outcome..ok thats it for now and thanks a lot

Perfect Match, I Likey

December 17, 2010
Perfect Match

Perfect Match

I often had these a bunch of stressing tasks that i need to attend each day because i was aiming to have a great blog then as i go or push through this kind of job along my away, though right now im indeed bomb tired on those tasks that ill be doing, but yet still i see to it that i can have my relaxing mode wherein only happens every night  as this TV series Drama headings up which titled Perfect Match I really likey it because of the light comedy that this series has and i know as people watch it they cant help them selves to get craze on it like what im doing right now..LOL

I think Watching TV quite awhile is a indeed relief and distressing on my end and i hope i can watch this kind of TV show more often, i mean at least once in one hour to get totally rid off on these freaking stress who is roaming on my head as i make my part through out of my blogs..ok thats it for now and thanks a lot

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