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Change plans

September 30, 2010

ok sorry for being a nuts on this blog because something happened and i need to change my blog topics through out this blog , though im still updating you guys on what 2ne1 new actives but i think having a universal website is the great idea ever, righty? well yeah im converting this site to a universal topics wherein i can tackle things out who caught my attention in certain news,fashion,politics and such things..

but while 2ne1 doing there promotional please do allow that banner to hang up for a while because i know people are still searching on that banner that can make them happy because they been crazed on the group..and by the way i dropped out my infolinks ads through this blog because i think that ads gives me a problem on my visitors because most visitor are getting annoyed on the kinda pop up ads..but im not against on the ads is that so happened that my visitors want a clean blogging that i intend to give with them

Cough and Cold

September 25, 2010

I am not feeling well please throw me some energy supplement booster? LOL yeah i have a cough and cold i think this diseases really attracts when Christmas is coming because winter is about to happen soon so it might so cold that why we can get cold? LOL thats how i think just leave it,haha anyways though i have this annoying colds but still i have to write and write things out on my other blogs to be updated on whats happening inside blogging world, of course to buzz it out other people for those awesome new discoveries and news that they might help them in some sort of living that they have with(i think so)

actually i just got this last night when my parent dropped to my room and turn my air-con on because they been felt hot maybe? but after that im started to feel something not so usual for my body which is snoring and having a headache that keeps me felt disgusting whole night, my goodness precious i have no sleep till now and here i am writing this out..LOL

ok i think i have to rest a bit or else i might rush on the hospital because really i am not feeling well, i hope this freakin feeling will ease at least later..thanks for listen by the way..xoxo

Choosing a Better Domain

September 22, 2010

i think this was my first  official post on my blogging category and as much as possible i want this to make a sense and help other people as think they have to consider first before buying a domain(s) and such thing..

I know a lot of blogger explain this hing out a thousand time but i think how they explain is quite resemblance to each other, but let me explain my own opinion and self experience on how your domain can effect through out the Google search engine..

well as you know i got a bunch of blogs that i run alone and yeah one thing that i consider was a domain name because if youve been chosen a perfect domain for your niche it will definitely easily to be crawler by the search engine like on my i tackling some motherhood and same thing though i can often optimize it but still the blog got a great amount of traffic everyday because the niche is on domain it it?

so you if you are planning to have a blog who all about fashion you see to it that your domain has a fashion word it self so that people can easily recognize that your blog is all about fashion and related i hope i can explain this easily so that you can understand what im supposed to explain to you..ok bye i need some sleep now my goodness still have headache and fever i hope i can deal with these later..xoxo

I want pizza

September 19, 2010

yes we often to eat in the near pizza parlor here at our place but you know what i cant help my self to eat as much as i can and i can even eat pizza everyday without any extra foods on it, yeah i think im indeed addicted on the pizza and i hope i can able now to buy the big one that the parlor can offer with on me thats why im looking forward to earn some decent amount here to often treat my self out and as i did it ill make some snap on me eating the huge pizza so please check on it soon to this blog, ok thats it for now thanks a lot

awesome Program Payu2blog

September 18, 2010

i think i found another awesome program wherein can help you to have a happily blogging life through payu2blog though i am not accepted on the program yet but the good thing was the employee that i intended to reached out are replied me on my concern and she said that my blog will might accepted on the program in time because i need to post at least in 3 months simultaneously and this blog was started on Sept 7 because i bought this on that date to other blogger but this blog has a page rank of 3 already and as the employee told to me that the backlink of this blog are artificial due of i deleted all of the former post(s) of this blog , my gosh i hope Google gives me a great pr though if they update page rank because im pretty sure since i got this blog i work hard on this and write what people most likely want to read about..LOl

ok you can try as well to pass out your blog to payu2blog who knows you might got accepted and feel the great feelings for being a blogger

2NE1s Go AWAY Review

September 17, 2010

most awaited music videos this year was 2ne1 new track list of songs that they been released this last 9th of September because most people talk about about it since then and when the girl group released their music video on go way via youtube people review what this guys made and one of the best review that i watched was on the top, you can play it to this site just click the play button..

I know Korean media nowadays are proven a lot that even they sing their language out but still another nation craze about it, and me personally i admit that even though i cant understand the meaning of some certain songs that i heard that they sang out still i like it ,its all because of how they remix and make sounds like extra ordinary one that people want to dance with..

the awesome thing was most American do the review than those Koreans who can understand what are those songs want to tell

After 2NE1 Comeback Tracks Released!

September 14, 2010

Ok i know a lot of you are having a great time by listening those some tracks that recently released by yg entertainment through 2NE1 girl group because its been quite a while when fans awaited this comeback album and now its already out in the way you may by on yesasia or in ygeshop its self just search on web for further information..

As 2ne1 released their album, they have to promote 3 main songs of the tracks because yg the music label pretty sure that the girl can make those song a big hit that they dont failed about because yeah its a big hit now and most people are talking about it, and they even ranked on the top most listen music around the music site and companies..

last September 12,2010 2ne1 performed their first comeback song GO AWAY @ the SBS Inkigayoand after that as i checked youtube i just Woh because a bunch of cover will shown up after a min that the girl was performed, i think that is a great sign for yg side..

this was one of those awesome cover(s) via youtube and this one caught my attention that why i included it here..

I think the 2ne1 secret was they really emphasize  the women empowerment through out their song that other nor a lot of girls out there can relay with and on guy side they do relate as well by being amazed on women confidence that they like about..

Ill Now Make this A Fansite

September 13, 2010

Yeah due of my fickle minded which topic are suits to this website well yeah i decided to make this a fansite where in i can write my lovely ideas and my being craze on the kpop and such any artist that i found cool and of course through their music as well..

as i always tackled some of 2ne1 updates comeback here on this site will be putting a category for the girl group and share what i think people wants to know ,of course all content are original and as much as possible ill write on heart its like what im trying to say how much i appreciate those idols music  and not just like that because as you follow me on this website as a readers ill thinking as this site grow on the future ill be held as well a contest that you guys will love about and please read my share your stories page on the top i hope you might be interest on that too..thanks see yah on the next update thanks..xoxo

2NE1 Comeback "To anyone"

September 11, 2010

We heard last months ago that the girl group 2ne1 under yg entertainment one of the reputable music label in Korea will be release new rack list for the 2ne1 and now fans awaits its over because 2ne1 comeback is about to happen tomorrow 12th of September in  incheon  and but before that yg entertainment promises that they will release music video some of the song that included on the track list and few days ago yg released 2 MV song that fans most awaited

2NE1 Go Away [MV]

2NE1 Clap Your Hands [MV]

Such amazing because in one day time these 2 videos hits over a million views via youtube , andits signify that kpop industry is well known not only just in Korea  but also around the globe..

and 2ne1 songs are the best examples of girl empowerment..fighting fighting!!

want a new lap top

September 10, 2010

yeah. i think i need to have a new lap top to use because my old ones are to about to crash out any moment now because of over using it and i hope this will be fine then as i bought a new one soon, well i hope thats happen soon because i really need it so badly now and i also hope that advertisers will help me then to achieve my aiming for this day, please give me some bunch of task to do on this blog, ok ill looking forward on that and let see if i got any after i posted this,thanks

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