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How to manage your web hosting?

January 29, 2011

Can we manage web hosting? Yes course, you can manage your own hosting as you bought any, on your trusted hosting provider, and by then, as you have your own hosting, i do believe that you can teach your self out to manage your own hosting, though some of us(i know) doesnt know on how to work on your cpanel and such a thing, but nowadays hosting companies has this new great future wherein you can set up your things up by simply clicking one button, its depend on the feature that your hosting has, thats why now i can managed hosting easily.

But if you had this enough budget, i suggest you to consider this colocation server, because its like you can have your own hosting, than have a shared one.Sounded good, right? so yeah, i hope this little note will serve as you as an idea on how you can manage things out on your own hosting.Thanks!

Outdoor Dinner!

January 25, 2011

We decided to have Outdoor and Garden dinner this later night, because we had to try this new product that ive been personally bought on the mall nears to us, and this was the barbecue tool , because yeah, We on the family are use to have this grilled viand so often that is why is pretty much appreciated this kind of tool here at house, and also father wanted to have this swings rather hammock on our garden place because its quite look relaxing based to him,What do you think about the idea? Well, I must say,thats cool to see then, if father bought it already and placed the hammock on the big 2 branches of tress on the side of the house, hmm i cant wait it to be happened.

While Mother needs some outdoor furniture in order for her to do her stuff on,and of course wanted to have any garden tool for her frustration for being a gardener, yeah my sister use to like those flowers,trees and anything goes green in her eyes. and me i use to like to site viewing,specially on sky because i can see those birds flying that can brings relief feelings on my end.

from now on, ill start my day right!

January 22, 2011

I admit that quite somethings rather might most of the time. I cant really gives such relevant posts to this blog because i use to write too rapidly and i cant evenly check out my post right after i published it, yeah thats my huge sin on the blogging world, and i must say that most of my posts are belongs to those category that keeps polluted  on those well written blog posts by those other bloggers, yeah i admit that. And i can hide the fact that other advertiser specially payu2blog find this blog on that way. too bad right? but on the other hand. I must say that i am still lucky though to have these group of private advertisers who can supported me long way, by giving me such good deal in regards on this blogs as long into my other blogs. Thats why maybe i am still ok then right after they been declined me on the network. At least theres another positive vibes in me then.

Alright, enough for being so emotional now  or else i might get some stress that can be hindrance for me to go through on this activities, ok all things will be go smoothly and fine to soon.thanks!

Good News folks!

January 21, 2011

As i wake up this morning,One thing that ive been noticed about to some of my blogs then.I seen these green juices running on my toolbar that will  keeping me quite happy then nowadays, and yeah Mr.G has been updated already and i know some webmasters / bloggers are having a jumping moment for awhile because they may now use their blogs then to monetize and such matters related. Well, thats i great news right? but i am quite worrying because i am maintaining my blogs though into those personal contents that i was sharing to you all guys each day but yet still i cant help my self to do such paid post to this blog because theres a lot of expenses that i needed to pay off soon, so that i can continuously doing what ive been started here, yeah its hard to understand and its hard to survive on the online industry if you dont havent doing any paid posts on your end.

So now dear bloggers use your green juices wisely because well never know that after a month Google will be become worsen by pulling down that precious green juice, but its up to you then, if you have some money then i might say that maintain your blogs on your personal clean content because sooner as you pursue it, youll definitely get places on your online career, so yeah thats it for now and let see if this blog will be approve now on payu2blog!

Doing some advance posts!

January 20, 2011

Great to know that i was using the wordpress as my blogging CMS because on wordpress there was a feature wherein you can set the date when would like your post to be publish off, That is why now i can do some schedule posts to my end and make my self busy for those other tasks who been awaited me each day, i think only wordpress has the one of this kind because before i uses blogspost so often but i dont see any schedule feature like this one or yet still i dont see it? not sure though, because all i know is, I am too convenience now on how this wordpress works on my daily blogging activities because i can maximize my work without worrying to my posts after the trying day ahead..

I know some of you are using the same tactic as well and you can really relay on this posts right? so yeah how is it? do you find it good on your end as well? if so, Please share your ideas below on how this wordpress can make your life easier but bear with it because i am not promote the CMs it self i am just asking you out regarding on this topics(just to clear the air..LOL) alright i think i need to go now and by the way i wrote this post last Jan 18 2011 and yeah this was only a scheduled post! yeah i got you here..ahaha bye and have a nice day everyone!

who can give me my personal music box?

January 19, 2011

When i was a child, I was on the one corner watching those other girls playing because they use to have their own musical jewelry boxes at the time and yeah baby music boxes is the hip toy on that time.Bear with it, So yeah i was on the dark corner and begging them to please count me in through their made own play, yeah kids way back time specifically on my time then, We use to compose our own set of plays, Like we are pretending that were already a mother and had our own kids  and somethings goes like that, So funny and weird right? nope i know most kids are doing the same thing now like were a kid, Anyways now i am older enough, I think i can buy my own boxes now and even better than my playmates had before..LOL what do you think? do i have to buy my own now. So that my childhood will be completed? any idea? ok, I decided now to buy at least one so that all the insecurity will abolish as i got my own,haha such childish i am?

OK let see as i find such good shop online who can gave me such cheapest price though, If theres none maybe ill leave it then, but let see, Ok thats it for now and thanks a lot for reading this nonsense post!

Im doing great!(I think)

January 19, 2011

Yeah, i admit that sometimes i really forgot to post on this blog everyday because i need to pay attention on my other works but i think im still great because i can order to fill in those days that i havent post on it by using the back posting rather posting a lot in the certain day just to have a great archive on my end, like what happened last day, ive been published 3 posts simultaneously because i cant able to blog  out these last days ago due with some busyness from my private advertisers and beside of that i am in to those forums and seeking some new advertiser(s) one who can give me a great deal on this blog because right now this blog is limited only to work with in any companies brokers online because i dont want to take a risk though, due with my application on payu2blog, my goodness gracious ive been waiting for ages now just to be included on the network but yet still they dont consider this blog yet, what is the problem? could you please tell me so anyone who is working on the payu2blog network! ok, i hope i can hear you soon,let see!

Now i am 3 months of consistently blogging each day  and yeah i feel rewarding doing it because i can blog with any pennies beside of these posts,awesome right? but yet still im wanting to have any stable income using this blog to support my online expenses like hosting,renewing this domain,themes and such that thing, i hope soon this blog will earn extremely! crosses fingers..

How long your post is?

January 18, 2011

Blogger,specially newbies on the activities are often asked on how long do they might make on the certain post that they need to publish of, because some advertisers are looking into each posts that we been made and to those soon to be made  one, and i do believe that quality of post can brings us places as the advertisers find our post relevant and personal then, so the question is,how long do you think is the minimum size that we needed to make with on the certain post? well if you are asking me you should make at least 200 words onward because most brokers companies online are mostly seeking for those blogs who has this at least 200 word long of post meaning majority to them are wanting to see a quite long posts to a certain blogs..

though sometimes its better then to have a short posts as long you can check off you grammar and the quality, yeah quality of post is a must on this activities because advertisers will see how much dedicated you are doing this blogging stuff on your way, so yeah just blog what you want and make your self busy by posting each day on your blog whether its long size or not so long then..

why i dont like the adsense ads?

January 18, 2011

As you can check on this blog( you dont see any ads runnin because i dont want to see any,why? because this blog is personal and im pretty sure that implementing any banner ads to this blog is not a propitiate to see on my end! because yeah i was in the personal category and thats how i look into it,bear with it by the way! well, i know, rather based on my personal experiences having a ads on the personal blogs is not really generating much good amount revenue because ads may  shown up to those niches blogs as you are using the adsense ads, and i think those ads showing are the one who has a high rate per click,correct me if im wrong! so yeah if i were you,if you wanted to earn much higher amount on your adsense account each month you should make your strategy and blog on the niches like diet,acne,forex and all that,trust me,been studied the adsense for long time now and ive been earned such good amount though before when i blogging about forex on my subdomain blogs but now as i bought my own TLDs domains Id decided to turns my attention by blogging such personal stuff like this one.

This post is my personal ideas only and this how i understood it,all comments are welcome and please share your personal experiences as well to make other newbies thinks on how they differentiate are ideas and such!

Melissa,Joross and Dara wacky shots!

January 18, 2011

Last January 9,2011 been blogged rather published a post regarding on dara that shes in the country(philippines) but people wouldnt know on what the reason(s) shes brings her back her because we all know that her career was pretty alive and busyness all the way, well i think friendship is stronger than having a great career?LOL so yeah, indeed Dara visited the philippines just to get attend on her best friend party which is Melissa ricks and to have some rest as well i believe because id seen some photos on the net that dara was went in subic? not sure though but let me check on it first then if i can confirm it, ill definitely share some pictures here that to be included on my picture of the day! so yeah thats it for now and please do check out my next post on this blog,thanks!

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