Good News folks!

January 21, 2011

As i wake up this morning,One thing that ive been noticed about to some of my blogs then.I seen these green juices running on my toolbar that will  keeping me quite happy then nowadays, and yeah Mr.G has been updated already and i know some webmasters / bloggers are having a jumping moment for awhile because they may now use their blogs then to monetize and such matters related. Well, thats i great news right? but i am quite worrying because i am maintaining my blogs though into those personal contents that i was sharing to you all guys each day but yet still i cant help my self to do such paid post to this blog because there’s a lot of expenses that i needed to pay off soon, so that i can continuously doing what ive been started here, yeah its hard to understand and its hard to survive on the online industry if you dont haven’t doing any paid posts on your end.

So now dear bloggers use your green juices wisely because we’ll never know that after a month Google will be become worsen by pulling down that precious green juice, but its up to you then, if you have some money then i might say that maintain your blogs on your personal clean content because sooner as you pursue it, you’ll definitely get places on your online career, so yeah thats it for now and let see if this blog will be approve now on payu2blog!

I use to linked my Own Links..LOL

December 12, 2010

Yeah, as you can see on my previous posts on this blog that i really use to linked out some of my new blogs and my other new post on my other blogs links because i really do believe that doing those things is can really help me a lot to bring all of my blogs in one goal which they may have a great page rank then as Google update soon, i hope this may work or else i need to think another strategies for my SEO stuff, though im doing some link building and blog hopping but yet still linking out on your own post is a must, i believe and there’s a call on that or term rather that those great SEO masters use to commotion with to those forum that i belongs with, but bear with me because i am not one of them i just love reading those ideas and tutorials..LOL

So yeah if i were you, you might do the same thing now and let see if this technique really works on us, ok thats it for now and thanks again on reading this nonsense post of mine and i hope i can still update this blog everyday like what Ive been aiming now, hopefully im doing great right? what do you think? ok just dont mind me though..thanks a lot

Do Google Updates Page Rank Already?

November 1, 2010

Wow, its already November 1, 2010 and let me great you all first a pleasant all saints day  before i proceed on my frustration post, Ok lets go with on the topic, this recently some bloggers reported me some changes to their page rank toolbar because as i posted my Google update before i told them to let me know if they seen something changes to their blogs and yeah they do so and i think they are my superb friends here in the blogsphere now,thanks to them by the way, and yeah as they said, some of their blog page rank has been dropped into a 0/10 rank although their current rank was a page rank of 4 and they don’t understand why Google is like that(so mean in away?) because we all wanted is to increase the pr not to decrease it right? and im pretty sure that all of these bloggers that i was telling you right now are bloggers who use to do some seo strategies to their blogs and some of them are professional to this craft either.. so what happened Google? could you please explain to us? though on this blog i cant feel the changes because im still on the top which the page rank 3 and hopefully this will increase as Google did the major update on the future that no one will know at all..hahah

What is the best niche for you?

October 30, 2010

A Lot of newbies are keep on asking while they planning to have their first purchased domain to blog with, is what is the best niche for them to forward too, actually on my own opinion choosing a niche for your blog isn’t that much hard because as long you’ll know what are the things who can interest you the most, for example you use to like movies and yeah go ahead make your blog as a movie website wherein you can make some reviews to those movies that you’ve been watched already and if you are a girl or  even just a guy who had this high passionate on fashion just show to everyone what is the meaning of style by your self and some sort like that..and i think if you’ll do that and follow what you like most ill guarantee that your blog will become hot soon with your chosen niche..

but if you don’t have such any interested things to share with who is belong on niche list, i referred you to make a personal blog wherein you’ll be blogging about your personal experiences and day life like a diary because not just on the niche site you can earn but also on the personal blog one that i think you can generate a great revenue after all..:)

When do Google Update Page rank?

October 28, 2010

I know after you’ve been read my recent post How to get a high page rank your next question on your mind was when was Google will update page rank right? so you might do some blog hopping before they’ll be updating our blog? well most people rather all of us who is working on the internet world has the same way of thinking so you should know as well when Google update, ok based on Google its self way back time Google will be updating page rank every after 3 months since the last update made so meaning if Google will update this end of the month of October will might be surely that Google will update again by the end of December this year like what they did last year December 2009, but i think Google was too unpredictable now and quite mean though to us? because people confirmed that Google has been updated last April 02 2010 but when the moths goes by and after the 3 months onward a lot of us gets upset then because we do expected that Google will do the major update one but we failed because they just did a minimal minor update each month and i think Google has been too restricted on updating page rank this 2010 and i just hope that they’ll update page rank before the years end..ok ill update you if i seen any changes on my toolbar this end of the month and i hope you’ll do the same thing by leaving me out a comment below..:)

How To Get a High Page Rank?

October 25, 2010

I think this was the perfect time to optimize site or blog because  there was a speculation that Google will be updating page rank this coming end of the month of October , will never know though, hope its true like what most webmaster praying of,lol and if you are a newbie i also know that you’ll be having a quite hard time to understand what is the important about having a page rank to your blog or website, well if you had this most talk about page rank on your blog rather if you got an page rank meaning your blog could be well search on the Google search engine its depends who Google ranked your blog it? i hope you do..:)

So the big question now on how to optimize your blog? what task you’ll do to achieve or get at least page rank of 2 as Google update this end of the month?(no assurances that Google will update this end of the month) OK let me tell you some stuff that im doing to get my list of blogs(20 blogs in be ranked in short period of time, what i did was is blog hopping i think this SEO strategy is the most recommended because by simply commenting other blogs you can either boost your standing on the Google search as long as you can get a good traffic though, because those  blog webmaster who you’ve been commented with, will surely back on you as you leave your link over them..gets? but there’s more like directories submission.rss submission, social bookmarking submission and so on but i don’t recommend them for you to do because some of the directories wouldn’t last on the web and obviously they don’t approved your link right way that you ended up wasting your time on my opinion..haha but social bookmarking must do i would say…OK these will be all..thanks for reading everyone

I use to link my own links..LOL

October 1, 2010

I think the great strategies that i have in me now is this im really linking out my own links through all of my blogs then to have each other a backlink, hows thats? thats a good idea on the seo side? or i just made my blog brings them all down? let see but im not losing my hope though that if Google update pr i can see what is the outcome on this, ok thats it for now i just share this due of lack of topics and thanks to this in the sense because i can able to update this blog on this day..LOL ok thanks a lot and have a great happy blog ahead, bye

blog hopping!

August 5, 2010

im done posting this day and i dont have anything to do next thats why Ive been decided to do the blog hopping so that i can have a great pagerank then as Google update pagerank pretty soon and of course having a backlink on the other site is a must so that my post will be a well search on the search engine and so far im enjoying doing it because i can learn as well to those personal blogs and other fashion blogs i hope i can be so industrious doing the blog hop along my way then, ok thats it for now and thanks a lot and have a great link building to everyone..thanks

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