Trash to Fashion

May 10, 2012


When it comes to fashion today. All things can be turns into dope and swag creations, like for example these pieces that are already trashed and can be found in your rack sack. Yeah ! these pieces are can be made as dresses, accessories and any such other. Like on what you are seeing on the top photo. Those girls are only wearing some trashy things that can evolved into great creation.

I think, you’ll just have to be more creative and idealistic on how you may make these trashed into fashion. :)

Be Fashionable Classy By Just Having Your Own Books

April 3, 2012


On today’s fashion, a lot of new things and even technology are being evolved and getting into so called high-tech. Because we had to admit the fact that people nowadays are really creative and seek some things that can give inconvenient for each one of us, though this matter is good but I think being classic is still the one great. Like for example in fashion, there were a lot of new pieces that those awesome well known apparel brands are keep on producing but yet still the vintage fashion had this quirky appeals that most fashion enthusiast are keep on looking forward even today. I think classic things cant really be abolished on this industry..


On the teenage or students side. Today, students are also fashionable because they are now allowed to style their self out in any styles that they might can suits on their personality because schools on this generation are more considerate than before. Though of course the quality of education must be perfect because this how students learn on their life and how they plan for the future.And Yes! books are the best weapon to make it possible, however, most of the time, students cant able to have their own textbooks due of the expensive price on each of it, but since where in this at this time where everything isn’t that hard to have I might suggest you to rent textbooks instead. Because this was the most practical why to be educated at the same time not spending too much bucks from your pockets that hurts most of the time..LOL I know right?

Actually, there where a lot of textbook rentals companies that can give you a great deal on their rental books. Just search on over Google to find them, but if you dont have any time to search I suggesting you this company where I used to rent my text books which in campusbookrentals.com they do have all the books you need and you can check out their video below to know further about their text books..

Okay then, that’s it for now and sure thing, as you holding your books while rockin on your own style in school. You are the most fashionable student ever to the school because in away you can make the book as accessory too.. I know you’ll got what I’m saying.. Okay, Thanks Folks!

Best YouTube Downloader

December 4, 2011

Are you a music lover? I know most of us will. Because musics can really gives some awesome feelings as we heard them. However, most of the problem was, we really dunno where to find rather to download those great musics that were getting crazed with. No worries, becuase they were some youtube downloader that you may use to convert the video into mp3 format which great way to save an file space on your ipod. Just try to check those best YouTube downloader online..:)

Shopper’s Guide – Buying Contact Lenses Accessories

November 21, 2011


Contact lenses are a comfortable and popular alternative to ordinary glasses. However, buying the lenses is not the only purchase you will have to make. These days there are a number of different accessories and lens care products you will need in order to ensure that your contacts are kept clean and safe from wear and tear. This article provides advice for those looking to buy cases and cleaning solutions for their contact lenses.

Lens Cases – In today’s world of online shopping where the selection can be endless it can be hard to know which contact lens case to buy. When making your decision the two main things you need to think about is the type of cases available and which ones are suited to your specific needs.

First, it is a good idea to talk to your optician to see what cases they would personally recommend. Their advice will differ depending on whether or not you have any special needs when it comes to the care of your lens. If this is the case then your choice may be limited.

When it comes to the actual purchasing of the cases it is advisable to check out companies that sell both glasses and contact lenses as they will usually have a larger section of products to choose from and at a better price. There are four different types of cases to choose from, which are as follows: screw top, flip top, barrel, and travel.

  • Screw tops – These types of cases lie flat and have side-by-side cases for each lens. The wells are either deep to fully immerse your lenses or shallow to minimise the amount of cleaning solution.
  • Flip top – These cases are similar to screw top cases; however, because they do flip at the top they are usually easier to open. Another feature of these cases is that in order to help the consumer differentiate the right and left lenses each lid opens in different directions.
  • Barrel – These types of cases have separate baskets for each lens and can include pincers for those that have RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses.
  • Travel – These are perfect for those that are going on a holiday or trip. They are compact to allow them to be easily stored in a purse or bag and usually include space to store your cleaning solution.

Lens Cleaning Solutions – When it comes to contact lenses there are numerous different types of cleaning solutions available. The solution you choose will depend on the type of lenses you have bought (soft or hard lenses). Nevertheless, despite the type of lenses you own it is vital to get some type of solution as it will help for cleaning and removing protein deposits, disinfecting, rinsing, rewetting and storing the lenses.

  • Healthy Eyes Multi Purpose Solution – This specific solution offers a more natural way to clean and disinfect your contact lenses. Made with natural plant substrates, it creates a “comfort cushion” around your contact lenses, making insertion remarkably more comfortable. It is available in single bottles, 3-packs, or part of a lens care kit.


Company Profile:

 LensWay.co.uk is your complete optical store. We design, produce and distribute a wide selection of glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and accessories for you and your entire family. With our online model we are proud to offer consumers an affordable, convenient, friendly option for high quality brand name and private label vision care products.

Hello Kitty Eye Makeup Trick

May 26, 2011

Yeah I know right? I’d often blogging about hello kitty nowadays because of the cuteness of the anime character though. Now, what I have is this hello kitty eye make up tutorial that Ive been found on Youtube and I know you’ll find it cute and might want to put it on your own eyes as well,  so how’s the catch? and how you may do it on your own? Well I’m good by researching stuff like this that’s why nothing to worry about folks because I make sure that I have this tutorial video for you to follow. Okay then, check the video below for the whole thing on how you may do this hello kitty eye make up trick.^_^

Make your hair Unique

May 19, 2011

Who’d never thought that even our scarf can be use to our hair as a accent on it though and to be look more chic and hip. And of course kinda unique to other gals out there. Watch the full on top that Ive found on youtube and you can browse the site alone as well to find out for more tutorials videos on how to make your hair unique that’s work on you then. I hope this may help you at least a bit as you needed this kind of style on your hair on, that I was pretty sure you are because the spring/summer is already here.

Integration of the 3 Monster Social Media’s (WordPress,Twitter,Facebook)

November 11, 2010

Yes dear, you can even integrate the 3 top social media’s nowadays all together, sounds awesome right? and i know you quite excited to find out on how to do these stuff because we have to admit that without these 3 social media’s as we work online, are business or blog will be nothing at all, i believed! because through out of these 3 tools i must say, we can maximize and widen our prospect readers rather customers on your business, if you are running any so..ok stop beating around the bush and ill make it straight to the point now, read the instructions below on how to work with it..

ok on your wordpress blog,just simply  activate the plugin named twitter log which you can download directly on your plugin page on your admin panel its self and as the plugin activated already, you can see some instructions there were you can follow with to integrate your wordpress to twitter..those steps are like 1,2,3.. ok as the 2 social media integrates in one another we will go now on how we integrate your twitter on your facebook account, no worries its a pretty easy instructions again like what we did on the wordpress and twitter integration, ok head over here as a start http://twitter.com/about/resources/widgets  and by then you can see the link were you can do the integration but make sure your both accounts are pretty open(facebook and twitter) before you can proceed, and yeah thats it, by doing these simply steps that Ive been given to you on top, ill definitely guaranteed you that your blogging activities will be more convenience and easier ..trust me..:)

Note: you might check the linked keywords on this post for the deeply explanation on how you can do these..no worries you’ll just directed on my other blog as you check them, so nothing to worry about..thanks a lot

How to get your blog to be Cache on google?

July 19, 2010

I think i need to make my Google category now which i often do on my new blogs,lol ok a lot of newbies out there are might asking on how they can make their blogs to be cache on the big boss site which the Google, because having a cache blog on Google search engine is a big part on you as a blogger which Google can recognize you on what you are doing on your online activities as i know about it, but not sure though, that’s how i think only. ok I’ll be blogging a year now and Ive experienced quite bunch on how a cache those blogs that ill be running of, and based on my experienced you’ll be having to know about the seo stuff which can take you places on this online world, so what id SEO? these are the stuff that we have to do beside making our blog to look good and post a unique contents out of it and one of the best seo task that you have to do is blog hopping which one of my fav with, because as you comment some other blogs though you can also gets some good friends around the world who can help you in some stuff..so yeah in that way google will cache your blog easily..trust me..hehe and by the way if you want to check . if your blogs is already cached just head over on your google search engine then type in this cache: and your blog url without the www on it like this one cache:finkalixius.info ..got it? hope you do..ok thanks..:)

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