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How to have a great skin?

October 31, 2010

Most girls are really looking forward to have a great complex of skin tone and even guys now are looking into it as well..who doesnt by the way? so the big question is on how we can achieve the skin tone that we really wanted ? others take some whiting pills while others most refer  a whiting soap but i think what ever it is as long you can see some changes over your skin just go ahead and dont hesitance to pursuing the product that you feels really work on you..

but on the natural way sleeping is the best way to have a smooth clean skin though along with good amount of water who youll take everyday because water can flashing out all dirt who keeps our skin looks quite dull and dry what do you think? and we have to avoid as well to sleep so late so we can complete the sleep hours that our body needed..

i think these will be all for now and ill update this for more further information..thanks :)

What is the best niche for you?

October 30, 2010

A Lot of newbies are keep on asking while they planning to have their first purchased domain to blog with, is what is the best niche for them to forward too, actually on my own opinion choosing a niche for your blog isnt that much hard because as long youll know what are the things who can interest you the most, for example you use to like movies and yeah go ahead make your blog as a movie website wherein you can make some reviews to those movies that youve been watched already and if you are a girl or  even just a guy who had this high passionate on fashion just show to everyone what is the meaning of style by your self and some sort like that..and i think if youll do that and follow what you like most ill guarantee that your blog will become hot soon with your chosen niche..

but if you dont have such any interested things to share with who is belong on niche list, i referred you to make a personal blog wherein youll be blogging about your personal experiences and day life like a diary because not just on the niche site you can earn but also on the personal blog one that i think you can generate a great revenue after all..:)

Theme and Alexa Rankings (update)

October 29, 2010

Yeah, i think im quite inspired today? because this will be my third entry just for today..haha i think i use to manage my ideas and time now, anyways just want to let you know that Ive been changed my old boring theme into this simply kinda pinkish because most of you having a hard time to navigate or find the post that you want to read or seek about, so yeah i hope this will work right? and please let me know if you cant read my post properly or any glitch that you been seeing while you on the site and of course im open as well in any personal messages or such criticism about this blog just hit on me on my contact page and as i receive your messages ill get back to you as i read them..:)

Regarding on my Alexa rankings im still happy on what this site coming through because beside of good page rank of 3 now the Alexa was dropped done into 999,948 that is quite good though? at least my Alexa wont be 1m instead..ahha so yeah these will be my update and i hope this will may continue by going good to better and got my advertisers ok have to end this up..bye thanks again

Whats better, Generic or Branded Medicine?

October 29, 2010

Ive been too peaked this following weeks ago due of lack of sleep maybe? i dunno, but i got a high fever then a cough and cold, my goodness i have to be healthy now (to do my tasks better) because i felt like im dying when i got through on that sickness and i think mens medical scrubs is really helpful that my parents wore into me on that time  and yeah  feel comfortable and relax though but of course i need to take some medicine as well that my mother bought to the pharmacy but she got a problem though, because the pharmacies asked my mother which one shell like to buy with the generic one or the branded medicine? hmm mother thinks deeply quite awhile because she wants to give me the best medicament should i take of, but she ended up with the branded one to be guaranteed on my health and to get better immediately as she believin..:)

By the way  mother use to make my own custom made scrubs and hospital scrub uniform because i was thinking to shift into i nursing this coming semester but not sure though, let see if the course calling me or not..dont know im quite nuts nowadays..hehe ok thats it of now, have to rest and have vitamins later..thanks :)

When do Google Update Page rank?

October 28, 2010

I know after youve been read my recent post How to get a high page rank your next question on your mind was when was Google will update page rank right? so you might do some blog hopping before theyll be updating our blog? well most people rather all of us who is working on the internet world has the same way of thinking so you should know as well when Google update, ok based on Google its self way back time Google will be updating page rank every after 3 months since the last update made so meaning if Google will update this end of the month of October will might be surely that Google will update again by the end of December this year like what they did last year December 2009, but i think Google was too unpredictable now and quite mean though to us? because people confirmed that Google has been updated last April 02 2010 but when the moths goes by and after the 3 months onward a lot of us gets upset then because we do expected that Google will do the major update one but we failed because they just did a minimal minor update each month and i think Google has been too restricted on updating page rank this 2010 and i just hope that theyll update page rank before the years end..ok ill update you if i seen any changes on my toolbar this end of the month and i hope youll do the same thing by leaving me out a comment below..:)

When i was a student!

October 28, 2010

When i was studying i use to like the subject Chemistry help and Geometry help because here when can do some experiments on how things happens that keeps my interest on the subjects because i do believe that everything in this world has this explanation that people can understand quite sometime, for example those ghost? maybe some of you arent believing on those invisible creatures or they arent be  existed to this world or they might be? but believe it or not they are here watching us and sometimes they also do seek with some Physics help maybe? dont know!..anyways as Ive said that i liked the subject chemistry my question to you was can you help me on my Chemistry homework help
? though this one of my favorite subject but still i need to learn more like you knew now..hheeh

and if you have any  Math questions just hit me up and even Prime numbers i would say because since when i was a child id liked calculating stuff that is a big influential for me now about the math subject and yeah i am good with it and still learning to those new techniques to solve those hard problems easily..i hope i can make this better and better along my way..ok time for me to leave now..thanks :)

How to get Private Advertiser(s)?

October 27, 2010

I know being a newbie we really looking forward that someday on our email we will receive such offers to those awesome advertisers who needs our blog expertise and such kind..but the BIG question here is how we can get those advertisers EYE to consider us for their advertisement? well i am that kind of professional on this but i would say that im sort to those bloggers who been received such offers before and i think  i can help you a bit based on my personal experiences..i hope i

OK, Actually getting a private advertisers isnt that hard that you been expected because as long as your blog has a good stat along the Google search engine i do believe that the private advertisers its self will seek to you and contacted you if that is so(make sure youll have a contact page if thats happen), secondly you must be consider your blog post because most advertiser wont like to read some copied content one because your blog reputation will go down definitely and third the blog theme, yeah blog theme is more important,why? because advertiser will se if they have an space to your blog for they to advertisement and if they seen your blog has this small border and nothing spaces for such any advertisement that will made soon (if ever) theyll might seek on the other blogs to be consider instead of you.. and of course having a good page rank is must do because they can easily find your blog along the search engine if you can have this prestige page rank right? and please dont forget to boost your Alexa ranking as well because advertisers will do check your blog stats, if your blog  can help to their business by your blog traffic..

And if you do all of these to your blog, im pretty sure that you can earn some good amount though each month..wink wink :)

note:ill update this soon for more info

How To Get a High Page Rank?

October 25, 2010

I think this was the perfect time to optimize site or blog because  there was a speculation that Google will be updating page rank this coming end of the month of October , will never know though, hope its true like what most webmaster praying of,lol and if you are a newbie i also know that youll be having a quite hard time to understand what is the important about having a page rank to your blog or website, well if you had this most talk about page rank on your blog rather if you got an page rank meaning your blog could be well search on the Google search engine its depends who Google ranked your blog it? i hope you do..:)

So the big question now on how to optimize your blog? what task youll do to achieve or get at least page rank of 2 as Google update this end of the month?(no assurances that Google will update this end of the month) OK let me tell you some stuff that im doing to get my list of blogs(20 blogs in be ranked in short period of time, what i did was is blog hopping i think this SEO strategy is the most recommended because by simply commenting other blogs you can either boost your standing on the Google search as long as you can get a good traffic though, because those  blog webmaster who youve been commented with, will surely back on you as you leave your link over them..gets? but theres more like directories submission.rss submission, social bookmarking submission and so on but i dont recommend them for you to do because some of the directories wouldnt last on the web and obviously they dont approved your link right way that you ended up wasting your time on my opinion..haha but social bookmarking must do i would sayOK these will be all..thanks for reading everyone

why girls use to like the color pink?

October 21, 2010

So i think this topic is the one who is quite related on this blog because of the domain name right? ok i cant get the point why most of the girls out there are use to like the color pink? what significant things on this color why they liked it? i think this might the reasons why they like the  pink color, first because of Hello Kitty that most little girls crazing with because of the cuties of the stuff toy rather the cartoon? who is color pink and by then since they was a young they putted on their mind that the color pink is the color for a girl thats why i really likey it..:) what do you think? Second reason maybe parents will choose to have their child a pink dress than the other who the kids use to like while their lastly maybe girls natural color is pink? not sure about it, but whatever it is as long girls will be happy about the color just let them

Actually nowadays the color pink is not only for girls but also for men due with some fashion trends who recently publicize and yeah people accepted it nowadays that pink can also use by the masculine men..ahha

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