I’m Having a Great Alexa Rankings!

June 14, 2011

Alexa rankings is indeed important for us all webmaster because in this ranking advertiser may know on how many traffic that we are getting basing on the spot that were got on the alexa it self. I’m so happy that this blog is doing great because as you can see I’ m now having rather I’m on the nice spot that may caught the attention of those advertisers who mights advertise to this blog. Most of you folks may ask on how I can get this ranking’s out? Well as Ive noticed. you’ll have some efforts then to update and optimized your blog at the same time to have the alexa ranking that you wanted to. How’s that? do some blog hopping, updating blogs, link exchange and you may advertise either. In these way on, I am pretty sure that your alexa will went on the nice spot.

And I forgot to mentioned that putting some unique and quality of post is a big help as well, because people may stumble on your blog as they search some information that are in related on your posted entry. Trust me, this was proven long time ago. I hope this may help on you at least a bit. Thanks and have a great day ahead to everyone.

Blog Contest and Alexa Rankings

November 13, 2010

Yes, i was thinking now  on what could be the best contest to this blog because as we all know, if you are really reading and following  my posts, this blog rather the domain will be get its first year birthday this coming December so i might have a simply and small party out of here? by giving away some prizes to the blog contest that i was planning through, i hope i can think something quirky or else ill give the prizes to my other blogger to run it so under my sponsorship, ok let see what happen this coming days, ill make update on this,no worries ..^_^

and by the way,regarding on my Alexa that i was updating to this blog every month, i think my current Alexa rankings was went good than before and yeah you can see it to my blog stat wall on the sidebar and if anyone out there who wants to take advantage to this blog as my advertisers, please dont hesitance though to contact me on my contact page or you’ll just email me at [email protected] for further info and of course i am accepting any form of advertisements that you’ll want to run with to this blog..ok im looking forward on your email,so yeah that will be all and thanks again for reading my post..have a great weekend everyone!!..:)

Theme and Alexa Rankings (update)

October 29, 2010

Yeah, i think im quite inspired today? because this will be my third entry just for today..haha i think i use to manage my ideas and time now, anyways just want to let you know that Ive been changed my old boring theme into this simply kinda pinkish because most of you having a hard time to navigate or find the post that you want to read or seek about, so yeah i hope this will work right? and please let me know if you cant read my post properly or any glitch that you been seeing while you on the site and of course im open as well in any personal messages or such criticism about this blog just hit on me on my contact page and as i receive your messages ill get back to you as i read them..:)

Regarding on my Alexa rankings im still happy on what this site coming through because beside of good page rank of 3 now the Alexa was dropped done into 999,948 that is quite good though? at least my Alexa wont be 1m instead..ahha so yeah these will be my update and i hope this will may continue by going good to better and got my advertisers ok have to end this up..bye thanks again

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