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Leopard Dress is trending

May 30, 2011

Indeed. Leopard dresses are now trending on the fashion industries nowadays though they  quite hip quite awhile but theyre like off and on on trend. But this spring /summer season the leopard prints dresses are the best piece to wear off.

Hello Kitty Make up collectibles

May 30, 2011

Kawaii stuff again here which Hello kitty. Yeah I admit that I was obsessed now on the carton character. Who doesnt by the way? Today, what I have are these makeup that we can collect from hello kitty it self, I knew some of you are did have these makeup already because these was been released quite awhile but yet still Im just doing my part then here to let other people know about these awesome hello kitty collectibles. so yeah, you may check online stores by Google it and get your set of makeup to you as you aiming to have for, due of your admiration on the cartoon character.


High Quality Rolex watches with cheapest prices

May 28, 2011

If you are one of the many avid fans of Watches and online shopping then you should know by know that getting good Rolex prices means getting them from trustworthy online establishments such as Time and Gems. It’s too bad then that their range of products and services do not include those that we need on a day to day basis, like good food, quality clothing and other essentials. Time and again, many smart buyers have proven the benefits of buying stuff online. Not only does it allow you a huge selection of products to choose from, there are also great opportunities for discounts, the likes of which you can rarely get by going to an actual physical store. And with the conveniences being offered by shipping companies these days, it is no wonder that more and more people are finding online shopping such a pleasurable and practical activity to engage in.

Hello Kitty Eye Makeup Trick

May 26, 2011

Yeah I know right? Id often blogging about hello kitty nowadays because of the cuteness of the anime character though. Now, what I have is this hello kitty eye make up tutorial that Ive been found on Youtube and I know youll find it cute and might want to put it on your own eyes as well,  so hows the catch? and how you may do it on your own? Well Im good by researching stuff like this thats why nothing to worry about folks because I make sure that I have this tutorial video for you to follow. Okay then, check the video below for the whole thing on how you may do this hello kitty eye make up trick.^_^

New Christian Louboutin shoes collection 2011 the Pik Pik shoes

May 26, 2011

I admit I am quite late by blogging this but yet I am still believing on the saying its better to be than never.LOL Yeah, this recently the Father of all shoes are has been released the new collection on this year 2011 that they may called it PIK PIK shoes, on the top photos you may see the main 2 shoes made for this collection and as far as I know these shoes are ranging 700 1200 usd per pair, so what are you waiting for? get your own christian louboutin shoes and be hip.

I want a cute beautiful bedroom furniture

May 26, 2011

My parents are planning to have an new house or maybe to get the old house renovated either of 2 are still okay for me as long Ill have my room renovation as well and got at least beautiful cute Bedroom Furniture did. Because I was envy to this photo that Ive found on the web that actually helps me to visualize on what are the things should I have as my room will get renovated. I hope everything will be alright and I was hopping that my parent will consider me for my bed furniture that I was aiming to have for.

I am too excited now and I can even sleep properly thinking the outcome of my soon to be new room, and of course as we did making our home beautiful will definitely share some of our home photos here as an update for this frustration post of mine. I look forward that all the stuff that I was wanting on my new room will be done soon.LOL

Dara is wearing Tank top

May 25, 2011

Whod never thought that a girl can also wear a guy tank top? Look dara is wearing one on the photo and she still look beautiful on the mans top. Nowadays guys can wear a girl clothes and girls can do the same thing as long it is suits on the person wearing it. I think that is the real meaning of fashion were you are wearing your clothes confidently without knowing the brands and the clothes it self.

On daras tank top, if I dont mistaken the tank was made by Jemery Scott one of the main sponsor of the group 2ne1 where is dara included as a member. And for this, I wanted to compliment Jeremy Scott for this awesome tank that can suits to everyone, and the wardrobe department of YG entertainment by exploring new things on how to mix and match clothes.


May 25, 2011

Oh, I actually stalking Hello kitty , isnt it? nope I just obsessed maybe.LOL because of the cuteness of the pink thats why maybe and now as I searching about the famous doll, I found out that there was an hotel in Taiwan that is indeed inspired on hello kitty. Watch the full video on top that has some pictures of the hotel that I was saying to you folks.

POTENTIAL Dress of Lady GaGa

May 25, 2011

On my recent posts you may notice with that I did blogged about hello kitty and the fashion godness not other than Lady gaga, now I was amused to found one photo on the web that might GaGa will wear an hello kitty dolls as her gowns out in any events that she suit to wear this. LOL Definitely thats not GaGa on the photo, there was someone whos thought the same thing on mine whod made this photo that hello kitty can be use rather an potential gown of  Lady GaGa soon, will never know she might consider this soon. ^_^

Hello Kitty Wedding Gowns

May 25, 2011

I love some cuteness things nowadays thats why Ill be now blogging about the mother of all CUTE things  which is the Hello kitty, Yeah I know right? when people rather child said the word cute Ms. Hello kitty is the one were all pointed out because  yeah I must say the doll is indeed cute anyway.

We all know that hello kitty was originated on Japan and people there are quite resemblance on Hello kitty, What the?? Yeah I found people of the country like that because all of them rather most of them are use to wear some cute stuff that they may call Kawaii which means Cute on the English language.

I dont know if I was late then by blogging this one but yet still I wanted to blog this though, which the wedding gowns of Hello kitty. What? hello kitty is getting married? To whom? whos the lucky guy though? LOL Alright I think some people had wore these gowns on their actual weddings because of the kawaii touch of the gowns it self. Now I was looking forward to wear at least one of these gown out for my pictorial. LOL Hopefully there was an replica of these gowns here where do I residing.

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