Scheduled post save my day

December 11, 2010

Sorry for not blogging yesterday because im too busy on my other blogs who’ll be needing some post to made and some backlinks then on the Google search engine, well im done on that now(i think so) thats why im here again to get update once again because i was aiming to update this blog more often and i hope almost everyday that i think i nearly achieving on it right now..LOL ok as Ive said on my published entry last time ago that i have these group of blogs that ill be running alone because you know i want some stress on me thats why i running them all alone.LOL anyways i think im kinda adept running them and all thanks to wordpress, why? because i really use this scheduled post wherein i can schedule my posts in any time and date that i wanted them to be publish on this blog and i think wordpress has the one who have this kind of feature, isn’t it? and yeah indeed that my scheduled post really save my day because i can maximize my work then as i had these scheduled posts to each of my blogs because i can waste my time by blog hopping instead of posting out a lot of blog entries..LOL so yeah i really convenience on this and if i were you, you might try this as well, ok thats what i have for today and bye for now..thanks a lot

Activating my Antivirus Plugin

December 9, 2010

Ive been bothered on my spam comments recently because they really freaking me out but i think i need to be ready as well to those viruses that i may encounter soon, my goodness gracious i dont want this blog to get infected in such any then at least quite awhile by having a reported attack page that google will Noticed for instance,  because yeah my friend got it already thats why im extremely bothered about it now and i hope as i activate my anti-virus plugins, such Malware and other viruses who can pissed us off will definitely avoidable  rather blocked for good then, i know its really hard to get in that moment wherein Google blocked your page, because there was definitely a lot of tasks and stuff that i know we need to finish off while we get affected (if ever so), so now as you are using the wordpress as your CMS or blogging platform make sure at least one of those awesome anti-virus plugins was activated in there or else you might rue as you go with at the moment, so yeah now my anti virus plugin was pretty activated and thanks as well to my friend who’ve been experienced this because if she haven’t this kind of situation i might not get alarmed then..

Lesson Learned:

Make sure that you are always safe whatever and whenever do you want to do your stuff because we wasn’t handle the situations that we may encounter along our way..ok thats it for now and thanks a lot

Overwhelmed on Your Comments Once again..lol

November 17, 2010

I think almost everyday Ive been receiving a ton of your comments on this blog though all of the comments are passed on my spam blocked protection but i think some of your comments are quite spam in a way that the comment it self will be not related on what i wrote in the particular post, thats why i have no choice just to delete them out but no worries i really do approve comments to this blog but in the propitiate only on my blog post, so please if you are doing some blog linking rather a link building on this blog just make sure that you are commenting base on the title and even on the content of my entry so that i can consider them all as a approved comments into this blog..sounds good?

Actually i dont have any restrictions on this blog as long you can use my comment box properly and you can consider my topic that i was sharing to you all and i hope you wont get upset if your blog link through comment wont be get approve on this blog because i simply find them quite spammy..sorry to say that..hehe but if you really want to be link out here(finkalixius.info) just email me at “[email protected]” and ill definitely link you out without any hesitation , i promise! so yeah thats it for now and i am looking forward on your next comments bye..:)

about having a unique content

August 4, 2010

I am quite late though having this blog post though..lol but at least i remembered this blog then, anyways i have this topic about what do you get if you have a unique blog post or content in to your blog? well as having a unique content is the most importantly into a blog, why? because it well be shown how much the author will passionate to her or his doing online and secondly if you are intent to earn out of your blog so must have as well a great content because advertisers will see if you are capable to do some fair reviews on their products or websites, and of course to please the boss then which Google because if you have a unique content i am pretty sure that Google will recognize you and by then you can built a great reputation online which can bring you places that you want to be..

Ive heard a lot of success stories online , who can made their life easier by just on blogging and yeah they are all suggested to have a very unique content in every post that you will be make so that you can have a great foundation too,in this online world..hehe

Blog Theme is Important?

July 26, 2010

Yeah, wordpress theme is quite important to a blog though, but with some reason its depends on your strategy and i also think blog themes isn’t that much important then, so confusing? yeah it is..lol ok let me explain to you then, why i told that so, actually having a great and a lot of graphics and such themes are well good because readers are might stay on your blog lastly while just having a simple white one who they might find it boring in away,that is if you are starting on the blogging world, you really thought the way right? but when you got into these stuff, i am pretty sure that your blog themes will not so important then to you because you will stick on your content and how you can give some spice on it that most readers want to read about, yeah for me now blog theme isn’t so important though we have to choose someone theme who can help us to built a great blog though and i know thesis theme is one of them because of the seo built in that the theme has..

but please dont be so graphical into your themes which can may bring your blog down due with some high graphical stuff..lol ok thats it for now and talk to you later..thanks

Why i love WordPress?

July 22, 2010

Why I Love WordPress? well the main reason was wordpress is a indeed famous that most blogger are using of, so i might use it as well because wordpress is proven them self to give such great platform that other cms haven’t, ok much better if i list out those reasons why i do like wordpress than the others blogging platform out there..:)

1, WordPress can easily to know on how to use with, though others are having a hard time to know on how to run a wordpress blog but i think practicing on the free platform is the thing you can do..:)

2,Wordpress has a bunch of plugins that we can use for free to look our blogs so professional in away..

3,Wordpress has a spell check feature which if you mistyped your content it will definitely turns red for your to correct with..

4.Wordpress is a Google friendly and a lot of advertisers are refer a wordpress blog to be advertise with than other platforms

5,wordpress is often update their platform into a great blogging convenience

6,WordPress has a post tag who can help you with to find your post easily on the big boss site which the google

so yeah i think i named that all and if ever i missed something on these list,ill definitely update this into a new post as i learn something new on my way on..ok thanks again

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